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Is Autism Man Made - Blame?

The Dangers of Excessive Childhood Vaccinations

vaccinations, vaccines, childhood vaccinations, cdc vaccination schedule, autismBy Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

In 1976, children received 10 vaccines before attending school. Today they will receive over 36 injections. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control assured parents that it was safe to not only give these vaccines, but that they could be given at one time with complete safety.

Is this true? Or are we being lied to on a grand scale?

The medical establishment has created a set of terms, which they use constantly to boost their egos and firm up their authority as the unique holders of medical wisdom -- the mantra is “evidence-based medicine”, as if everything outside their anointing touch is bogus and suspect.

A careful examination of many of the accepted treatments reveals that most have little or no scientific “evidence-based” data to support it. One often repeated study found that almost 80 percent of medical practice had no scientific backing.

I find it interesting that there exist an incredible double standard when it comes to our evidence versus theirs. The proponents of vaccination safety can just say they are safe, without any supporting evidence what-so-ever, and it is to be accepted without question.

Yet, let me, or anyone else, suggest that excessive vaccination can increase the risk of not only autism, but also schizophrenia and neurodegenerative diseases, and they will scream like banshees – Where is the evidence? Where is the evidence?

When we produce study after study, they always proclaim them to be insufficient evidence or unacceptable studies.

More often than not, they just completely ignore the evidence. This is despite the fact that we produce dozens or even hundreds of studies that not only demonstrate the link clinically and scientifically, but also clearly show the mechanism by which the damage is being done -- even on a molecular level. These include cell culture studies, mixed cell cultures, organotypic tissue studies, in vivo animal studies using multiple species and even human studies. To the defenders of vaccine safety -- our evidence is never sufficient and, if we face reality -- never will be.

The Autism Disaster: Is it Man Made?

In the early 1980s, the incidence of autism was 1 in 10,000 births. By 2005, the incidence had leaped to 1 in 250 births, and today it is 1 in 150 births and still climbing.

One of the strongest links to this terrible set of disorders was a drastic change in the vaccine programs of the United States and many other countries, which included a dramatic increase in the number of vaccines being given at a very early age. No other explanation has been forthcoming from the medical elite.

In this paper I shall present evidence, some of which has not been adequately discussed, that provides a connection between excessive vaccination and neurodevelopmental disorders.

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No Autism for the Amish?

I have an Amish friend. In fact, my friend is about to open a bakery and bulk food store. I so hope she will be able to get some of the alternative flours, such as brown rice flours, etc. I am also after some xanthun(m) for baking breads without gluten, so they don't fall apart. All these years of perfecting my recipes... recipes that I doubt I will make often, anymore. I mean, I know how it feels to be dieting and have someone bring home a Krispy Creme or Culver's custard and not be able to have it. I am not going to do that!

No vaccines - no autism

Some time ago, the Amish were in the news. They generally refuse to vaccinate their children and lo and behold, there are next to no cases of autism among the Amish. In a follow-up to Dan Olmsted's story of the Amish, J.B. Handley of Generation Rescue reports on a small, privately financed study that showed vaccinated kids to be at a higher risk for developing autism than those who haven't got the shots. (America, Meet Our Unvaccinated Kids) We might ask why the CDC has not initiated a study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children, but then - it appears that the CDC may habe known already back in 2000 that mercury in vaccines causes autism but has failed to take decisive action.

Another group, the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs is collecting further proof that autistic children are poisoned by mercury. They refer to a study by David and Mark Geier, published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Using urinary porphyrin analysis, the researchers found that only patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder who had not previously received chelation therapy were showing high mercury levels in the porphyrin analysis. (Urine Testing Confirms Autism is Mercury Poisoning) The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs concludes:

"For the past several years there has been a raging controversy as to whether or not mercury in medicines, especially in vaccines, has caused a dramatic rise in the rate of children diagnosed with an ASD. Many experts have insisted ASDs are caused by some yet-to-be-identified genetic cause. A paper recently published in Nature Genetics described the results of multi-million-dollar genetics study (which studied a thousand-plus families with at least two children diagnosed with an ASD using in-depth genetic screening). Tellingly, the authors reported, “None of our linkage results can be interpreted as ‘statistically significant’...” (The Autism Genome Project Consortium 2007).

With the current study’s results, public health officials should now publicly admit what they have been saying in their private transcripts and memos: Mercury from Thimerosal-containing vaccines and other medicines has been a major cause of ASD cases, which, based on recent CDC estimates (CDC 2007), may, when corrected for under ascertainment, exceed a rate of one in 100 children."

An 18-month investigation initiated by US Senator Enzi recently found that both the FDA and CDC had not properly dealt with the question of mercury in vaccines. The report, according to the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs, is another in a long line of reports by government officials addressing the toxicity of mercury in medicine and reflecting the “...institutional malfeasance for self-protection and misplaced protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry” by US public health officials. (Mercury in Vaccines: FDA and CDC “Guilty” of Misconduct, Says Senate Report) The Coalition adds that

"Parents of children with proven mercury poisoning now ask: How many reports by federal officials will be required before the national health agencies act to:

• Remove mercury from medicine,

• Recall and destroy drugs containing added mercury compounds, and

• Ban the production and distribution of medicines containing added mercury in the United States, unless proven safe (“sufficiently nontoxic...”) and no mercury-free alternative exists?"

What will have to happen for the press to report both sides of the debate and the government agencies to take action to limit exposure to mercury and other toxins - fluoride comes to mind - so as to protect people's health? Certainly the veto on a bill that would have limited mercury in at least one type of vaccine is giving the wrong signal. It appears to be saying "go right ahead using the stuff - who cares!"

See also:

Vaccines and Autism: When 1 in 150 is really 1 in 67
In any case, if according to the CDC, the ASD prevalence rate was 1 in 150 on average among children born in 1994 and if the number of 6 year-old children with ASD known to the U.S. Department of Education indeed increased by 124% nationwide over the last six school years, then it is likely that among children born in 2000 who are now registered in U.S. schools, the prevalence rate of autistic spectral disorders is around 1 in 67, on average. Now that would be a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. Since the CDC 2002 study results were released in early 2007, no one in authority has bothered to correct the false impression that the “new” prevalence was current. Every day tens of newspaper articles and news items discuss the alarming increase in autism “that has now reached 1 in 150” and promptly reassure people that it is not related to vaccines and a mercury preservative. It will be interesting to see when the head of the CDC’s autism program will reveal to the Nation that the prevalence of autism and other spectral disorders is really more than double that estimate.

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Foods to Avoid and Why We Avoid Them

So to answer what some of my first questions were… about gluten and casein foods… this is the best explained small article I could find – but, it sums it up nicely:


Frequently Asked Questions about Dietary Intervention for the Treatment of Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

by Karyn Seroussi, Co-Founder, Autism Network for Dietary Intervention

Disclaimer: The following is not medical advice. All changes to your child's diet should be supervised by a physician or a qualified nutritionist.

Q: I don't think my child has allergies, or that allergies could cause autism. Why should I try removing foods from his diet?

A: Although parents have been reporting a connection between autism and diet for decades, there is now a growing body of research that shows that certain foods seem to be affecting the developing brains of some children and causing autistic behaviors. This is not because of allergies, but because many of these children are unable to properly break down certain proteins.

Q: What happens when they get these proteins?

A: Researchers in England, Norway, and at the University of Florida had previously found peptides (breakdown products of proteins) with opiate activity in the urine of a high percentage of autistic children. Opiates are drugs, like morphine, which affect brain function. These findings have recently been confirmed by researchers at Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

Q: Which proteins are causing this problem?

A: The two main offenders seem to be gluten (the protein in wheat, oats, rye and barley) and casein (milk protein.)

Q: But milk and wheat are the only two foods my child will eat. His diet is completely comprised of milk, cheese, cereal, pasta, and bread. If I take these away, I'm afraid he'll starve.

A: There may be a good reason your child "self-limits" to these foods. Opiates, like opium, are highly addictive. If this "opiate excess" explanation applies to your child, then he is actually addicted to those foods containing the offending proteins. Although it seems as if your child will starve if you take those foods away, many parents report that after an initial "withdrawal" reaction, their children become more willing to eat other foods. After a few weeks, many children surprise their parents by further broadening their diets.

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Why the GF/CF Diet?

Q: Why the GF/CF Diet?

A: Because I don't know what else to do - to be honest.

I just wanna survive the holidays. Usually I would have baked 5-8 different kinds of cookies, half a dozen different candies, toffees, fudge, etc. Not this year. Sugar is evil to Nicolas. It does very bad things to him. So, I will have to buy my Christmas candy and hide it. And eat it all myself. I will, if the Hubs doesn't' find it. He seems to be able to sniff out my hiding stashes. It must be his "gifting", cuz it sure isn't figuring out what's happened to Nick. I mean, he seems to still think it's my parenting style. Duh... He might just be getting a lump of coal... just kiddin'. He knows. He has to. Doesn't he?

What is GFCF?

Gluten is more than just wheat – it’s grains like wheat, barley, oats and rye. Casein is the protein found in all things dairy – more specifically, anything juiced from a mammal – including cow’s milk, sheep, goat and human breast milk. Labels that say “wheat-free” do not necessarily mean gluten-free and certainly not GFCF. Dairy-free isn’t casein-free. Lactose is milk sugar. Lactose-free isn’t casein-free either. Organic doesn’t mean GFCF. Organic milk still comes from a cow and organic wheat is still wheat. Reading labels and understanding the difference is crucial. Gluten-free also includes things that do not have gluten in them but are either grown near them or processed in a facility with them, contaminating them, such as millet and oats. Here is a list of common hidden sources of gluten.

What is organic?

Organic foods are produced according to certain production standards. For crops, it means they were grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste, or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. For animals, it means they were reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones. In most countries, organic produce must not be genetically modified.



More Information


More Information

Some children may be allergic or intolerant to soy
, corn or other food.

Artificial (synthetic coloring)
Artificial (synthetic flavoring)
Aspertame (nutrasweet, an artificial sweetener)
Artificial (synthetic preservatives BHA, BHT

For more information contact:

The Feingold Assocation
554 East Main Street Suite 301
Riverhead, NY 11901
1-800-321-3287 (U.S. only)



"The GFCF Diet is one of the very first recommendations made by the Autism Research Institute. It is considered to be a cornerstone of the DAN! Approach. The reasons are many: first, many of the children lack the [dpp4] enzyme that allows them to break down the peptides from gluten and casein. As a result, a subset of autistic individuals have these improperly digested proteins which cross the intestinal membrane, travel in the blood, pass through the blood-brain barrier and interfere with neurotransmission. When this happens, Dr. Karl Reichelt, M.D., Ph.D., and other researchers have shown that these opioid-like substances can be responsible for poor attention, odd behavior, a deficit in socialization skills and poor speech.

Conversely, when gluten- and casein-based foods are removed, there can be an initial drug-withdrawal phase [when symptoms can worsen], followed by improved behavior, better attention, at times improved speech and an increase in socialization skills."
Maureen H. McDonnell, R.N., DAN! Conference Coordinator and former DAN! clinician

For autistic children, their bodies do not process gluten (wheat) and casein (dairy) correctly and cause an opioid reaction and like all opioids (heroin, etc.) they need to feed their habit with more of the same. They come out of their fogged state with their senses emerging. They reduce their dangerous climbing, can feel pain and are clearer and more compliant. DO NOT GO COLD TURKEY, as you will have an ugly withdrawal reaction as any addict would.

We cannot stress enough the importance of reading labels on all of your food purchases. While we strive to have our lists of foods as accurate as possible, some food manufacturers are known to change their ingredients without warning. Some of these foods may still be included on our list without our knowledge of ingredient changes. If you come across any changes, please contact us by email as soon as possible

Laboratory Testing

We feel that because of the successful improvements seen after strict adherence to the diet, a test for allergies is not always necessary to prompt parents to start using Dietary Therapy. Many parents see dramatic changes the first few weeks. It has been reported that this diet has helped children who have NOT tested positive for gluten and/or casein allergy. However, keep in mind that lab testing may help some parents make the decision to try the diet and stick with the GFCF Diet.

An ELISA blood test measuring IgE and IgG anti-bodies will help you determine your child’s food sensitivities.

Important Suggestions
Start the diet gradually, one meal or one food at a time. That is, for a week , just make dinner gluten free and casein free. Then once you've got that figured out, add in breakfast. Then after that's done, add in lunch and snacks.

Add more foods to your child's diet that are acceptable BEFORE you start the diet. Start introducing rice and potatoes if your child only eats noodles. Add fruits and vegetables to every meal so that you child may eventually try the new foods. The reason this is suggested is the gluten free and casein free substitutes don't really taste like the "real things" they know and love. Rather than having them starve during a a hunger strike, you will have backups in case they reject the gluten-free and casein free substitutes.

Understanding How To Read Labels
This food listed on this website must be used with caution due to the fact that manufacturers change their ingredients without warning. This may be due to changes in the recipe, changes in the ingredients supplied to the manufacturer, or changes in the production & manufacturing methods. Parents and individuals with food allergies and intolerances are responsible for reading the label of all products they intend to use regardless of how the product is represented on this site. Certain unacceptable ingredients may be hidden under the name of natural flavorings. Modified food starch is also a vague term which does not indicate the source of the starch (wheat or corn). Any and all questions and/or concerns about a product should be directed to the manufacturer. This website cannot guarantee that the list of foods are gluten and casein free. This is a guide to calling and verifying that products are gluten and casein free. If anyone has reason to believe that the manufacturing process and or ingredients have changed in the following products and should be either included or deleted, please write to us at

Read all labels, verify that they are gluten and casein free. When in doubt call the company. Toll free numbers have been provided for most of the food listed on this website.

Cross Contamination

Gluten and casein cross contamination is a legitimate concern. Some manufacturers produce food on machinery that is also used to make many different products. The rinsing process on manufacturing lines may well vary between different companies. There are some companies that are not concerned with rinsing their lines but most companies are committed about thorough rinsing. Some manufacturing companies sterilize and clean machinery between each item, using much higher water temperatures than water used in most households. Some of these manufacturing companies insist there is more chance of contamination in a consumer's kitchen due to improper washing of counter tops, plates and utensils or pots and pans.

Gluten contamination from products which use flour ingredients is harder to control due to airborne flour dust. Dairy cross contamination may be easier to control when lines are washed between manufacturing products since airborne contamination at most times does not exist unless a powdered form is used. It is important for you as consumers to contact companies and tell them these issues are important to you. If you do not tell them, they will not know. Avoiding cross contamination is a personal choice but one that should be based on being informed.

Some other cross contamination considerations are listed below and recommended by the Celiac Organization (They restrict gluten from their diet).

*Use separate baking pans that have never been used with gluten-containing foods. These baking pans should be used only when baking GFCF foods.

*A separate toaster or toaster oven should be used for GFCF breads, waffles, bagels, rolls, etc.

*A separate Waffle iron should be used strictly for cooking regular waffles.

*Cross contamination can also occur when a knife is used for spreading jelly, jams, peanut butter, etc. on breads. The knife can collect crumbs which remain on the utensil after used on regular breads and also gluten free breads. Keep two of the same product, labeling the products which are used for your gluten free family member(s).

*Also keep in mind that purchasing products from bins creates a high risk of cross contamination. Frequently scoops are used in multiple products, hence contamination is likely to occur.

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Wheat - The Evil Grain

When I think of wheat, I think of those "amber waves of grain". It's so American or patriotic or something... to visualize combines out in the fields around my own home, harvesting nature's good grains. YEAH RIGHT!

If indeed, my son isn't tolerating wheat, what will he eat? Will I be forced to become some weird health nut or celiac type of person. I will complain about diary another time. I don't think we can give up dairy. Casein. Dairy. Wheat. Gluten. Why are these so bad? God made all things for us to freely enjoy - right? My mind could justify anything, even sin. It's easy and convenient and I can get pretty good at it. But - my heart tells me otherwise. I know that if going gluten-free and casein-free could help Nick, then I know I would at least try it. But - what does it have to do with my parenting or why he is the way he is? I would have to know in my deepest part of my heart and in my soul, that before I would turn him over to someone else, that I had done everything that I could possibly do. And, I haven't. I've only tried discipline. I have read so many stinkin' books on parenting now that I could... well, scream. No more parenting books. I am done.

The theory is that many if not all autistic kids have a damaged intestine/gut - the damage may be there from birth but more likely comes from some immunological injury like a bad reaction to an immunization. Autistic kids seem to have weaker immune systems, and a lot seem to have digestive problems. Anyway, this "leaky gut" allows some food proteins to pass through into the bloodstream only partially digested - particularly the gluten from wheat/oats/rye/barley, and the casein from milk and other dairy products. These partially digested proteins form peptides which have an opiate-like affect (opioids is another term for them) -they can bind to the receptors and cause harmful effects in the brain (just like a regular opiate) - which either cause or magnify autistic symptoms. The opiates are a type of narcotic - there are receptors in the brain that they bind with to reduce pain, induce pleasure, but they also have harmful side effects. An example of an opiate is morphine or heroin.

So until we can figure out how to heal the "leaky guts" out there, many folks are going on the gluten free/casein free diets, and have reported good success with their kids.

Why? Why not? My mind goes back and forth. We'll see.

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What does "high functioning" mean?!?

High functioning autism. What is that?

When I think of autism, I think of children who don't talk, don't look you in the eyes and flap their arms. I have an adopted cousin who is autistic. She flaps. Nick flapped once. It was in a store. I could barely control him. Everyone who looked at us just thought that's how he was and gave me understanding looks. Some even smiled - as if to say that they understood -- but they did not understand. Inside, I was praying that God would help me get him out of the store without getting hurt or knocking anything over. It was as if aliens abducted my son and gave me this one in his place: an impostor! What the heck happened to him?

I will never forget that arm flapping, squealing, writhing experience as long as I live. I told myself that it was only his blood sugar or some type of freak, isolated experience. Maybe he was tired and hadn't slept well or maybe he was about to come down with a shopper of a cold! He had, after all, eaten either a Milky Way or Three Musketeers candy bar, just minutes before we arrived at that store. Dumb candy. No more candy bars on an empty tummy, that's for sure. nope - no more candy bars.So then, what is high functioning autism?

Generally speaking, doctors prefer to group people with autistic symptoms into discrete diagnostic categories. Rett syndrome and Fragile X syndrome are relatively clearcut disorders, and thus are likely to be correctly diagnosed.

Classic autism is also fairly clearcut: Children with classic autism are usually non-verbal, unengaged, and unable to perform well on standard diagnostic tests.

But then there are the people who are high functioning but also demonstrate clearly autistic behaviors. For example, depending upon their age, they can use meaningful language, read, write, do math, show affection, complete daily tasks but can't hold eye contact, maintain a conversation, engage in play, pick up on social cues, etc. What is the correct diagnosis for such a child? Is it Pervasive Developmental Not Otherwise Specified" (PDD-NOS)? Asperger syndrome? High functioning autism?

PDD-NOS is a catch-all diagnosis. Often understood to mean the same thing as "high functioning autistic," it really incorporates individuals at all function levels whose symptoms don't fully correlate with classic autism. So a PDD-NOS diagnosis may provide some information to parents and teachers but cannot guide treatment.

Asperger syndrome is a much more specific diagnosis, with specific diagnostic criteria. Until recently, the biggest difference between Asperger syndrome and high functioning autism was based on whether a person developed speech typically as a toddler. Those who did develop speech typically were considered to have Asperger syndrome while those who did not (even if they developed typical speech later) were diagnosed with autism. Now, experts are wondering whether speech development is the best way to distinguish between autism and Asperger syndrome or if there even is a difference.

High functioning autism is not an official diagnostic term, though it may be used as such. It tends to describe people who have many or all of the symptoms of autism but did not develop language typically. It's a helpful diagnosis that can help guide appropriate treatment and school placement.

One useful explanation of the difference between Asperger syndrome and high functioning autism comes from the National Autism Society in the UK. Here's what it says:

  • Both people with HFA and AS are affected by the triad of impairments common to all people with autism.
  • Both groups are likely to be of average or above average intelligence.
  • The debate as to whether we need two diagnostic terms is ongoing. However, there may be features such as age of onset and motor skill deficits which differentiate the two conditions
  • Although it is frustrating to be given a diagnosis which has yet to be clearly defined it is worth remembering that the fundamental presentation of the two conditions is largely the same. At the same time, all people with autism or Asperger syndrome are unique and have their own special skills and abilities. These deserve as much recognition as the areas they have difficulty in.
  • Asperger syndrome can be a difficult disorder for children and their parents. This disorder brings difficulties socializing and communicating with your child. It may also mean fewer play dates and birthday invitations and more stares at the grocery store from people who don’t understand that a child’s meltdown is part of a disability or health condition, not your parenting.

    Another big help for you is to learn about your child. With some time and patience, you’ll learn which situations and environments may cause problems for your child and which coping strategies work. Keeping a diary and looking for patterns may help.

    The tendency to fixate on a particular narrow topic is one of the hallmarks of Asperger’s syndrome, and it can be annoying to those who must listen to incessant talk about the topic every day. But a consuming interest can also connect a child with Asperger’s syndrome to schoolwork and social activities. In some cases, kids with Asperger’s syndrome can even turn their childhood fascination into a career or profession.

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CNN in the News for Vaccinations/Autism Link

I found this on

On April 2, 2008 CNN spent the day bringing awareness to the problem of autism. Larry King's segment, which included Jenny McCarthy along with a panel of guests, was particularly enlightening. My hat is off to Jenny, a celebrity mother who is making it quite uncomfortable for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to ignore parents of autistic children seeking answers. Why does a mom have to do the work of the CDC? The answer is rather simple: our government's zeal to insist on too many vaccines while ignoring the actual risks is the driving force behind the autism tragedy. Sure there are many related factors – but the bottom line is that our government is causing disease at an alarming and devastating pace.

It is an interesting comment on our society that an outspoken and impassioned mother of an autistic child, along with her partner (actor Jim Carrey), are the catalysts that are likely to cause a warped empire to crumble. Many before them have tried; and typically been burned at the stake. Jenny and Jim are the government's worst nightmare. They can't shut down their medical practice because they don't have one. They can't financially damage them into silence. And as they lead their autism March on Washington D.C. this June 4th it is quite clear that they haven't a prayer of shutting them up. A powder keg is about to blow.

Jenny, to her credit, takes a diplomatic view on vaccines. Here main point is that there are too many vaccines given too soon and that the vaccines contain too many toxic components. As both a leading defender of health freedom in this country and a top nutritionist who has helped numerous autistic children, I am more than happy to put the entire problem into perspective and give insights that will help many parents.

A Brief History of Vaccines, Profits, and Politics

Vaccines started the Big Pharma sickness industry over 100 years ago. While the public views vaccines in a preventive health context our government's position is much more complex. Vaccines and germs are part of warfare, and the issue is deeply woven into national security interests. Military personnel are frequently subjected to experimental vaccines. Vaccines are a key component of herd mentality; i.e., the ability of those in power to get a population to behave. Public health is never in the best interest of any one person, which is why laws are concocted to enforce compliance. Unelected bureaucrats and scientists in our government agencies, tied financially to the profits of the drug industry and linked to the military, have been playing God for many decades. They know full well there will be deaths and injuries from vaccinations; collateral damage that is justified by prevented disease (a convenient and fear-driven argument).

Our government has no problem manipulating data so that the benefits appear to outweigh the risks. Imagine having a calculator that always has the same conclusion no matter what data is entered. How can the risk of injuring 1 in 150 children for life be acceptable to Big Pharma and the revolving door CDC and FDA management? Any business would love to have the opportunity to produce a product and have the government mandate its sale. Government officials find lucrative jobs in the industries they regulate – after doing "good work." Autism is partly a side effect of the cancer within government agencies.

Our government will never pay the price to screen children at risk for autism – that would be too proactive and expensive on the front end. They won't even prepare a reasonable patient history checklist that reflects obvious risk for vaccine injury – as too many parents would opt out. Rather, our government specializes in lazy medicine – fire a shotgun and if someone gets injured it is their fault for standing there. Costs are now the burden of families on the back end of the equation; more profits for the sickness industry. If autism didn't have painful little faces connected with it this problem would simply be swept under the rug, as is the 100,000 Americans (mostly elderly) killed by Big Pharma drugs every year.

The problem for our government is that an admission of guilt on the autism-vaccine link causes the entire paradigm of the Big Pharma-driven Western-medicine sickness industry to collapse. Even worse in their eyes, it would send an earthquake through the brotherhood of Big Pharma, public health, the CDC, the FDA, the global elite, and the military. Other public health programs would be questioned – like polluting our water with a neurotoxin called fluoride that makes a population more docile and controllable.

Unfortunately for parents combating autism, the problems of their child is only a portion of the issue they now must try to solve. They are up against a government dead set on preventing the truth from ever coming out. Once cornered, our government will play the national security card before fessing up to their sins or making any real effort to correct the damage they have done.

A Major Crack in Our Government's Armor

The case of Hannah Poling is raising quite a stir. She is now 9 years old. As a healthy and normally developing 18-month-old girl she showed up for her well baby visit and was pummeled with 9 vaccinations, two of them containing the mercury preservative known as thimerosal. Her health immediately deteriorated into full blown autism.

Her case was the first to be settled of 4,900 autism cases pending before federal Vaccine Court. She claimed that mercury-containing vaccines were the cause of her autism. In a shocking turn of events the federal government conceded this autism case saying that "compensation is appropriate."

However, our government refused to admit vaccines caused her autism. Indeed, the government settled the case before there was even a hearing. The last thing the government wants is to put vaccines on public trial, and place pictures of injured children on the news every night, especially when the evidence of the case is so clear that vaccines will certainly lose.

Rather, the CDC is hinting that it was Hannah's mitochondria that were to blame, not the vaccines. This argument opens another Pandora's box (more on that later).

The defendant in all vaccine cases is the Department of Health and Human Services. The CDC is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. Talk about conflict of interest! A pack of foxes is in charge of the national chicken coop.

How Our Government Defends Itself When It Is Clearly Wrong

It is somewhat unfortunate that those who have helped to champion the cause of our government's involvement in vaccine injury have placed so many eggs in the thimerosal basket. Of course mercury is a nerve toxin and its involvement in autism is likely as a percentage of the problem. However, neither thimerosal nor any single vaccine is an adequate overall explanation for autism.

Our government is using various studies to deflect the vaccine-autism link. These studies relate to thimerosal and MMR vaccines, but not to the collective number of vaccines given at one time and the overall number of vaccines given so early in life (the real problem). This flimsy government defense is being used to deflect attention away from vaccines as a causative link to autism. (Read their vaccine studies here:

This is a classic stalling tactic used by corrupt government and industry when they have been caught red-handed. This approach involves acknowledging certain aspects of the problem, making changes (they took thimerosal out of many vaccines), creating doubt (their "study" defense), and then continuing with the mass vaccination program even though they know it causes harm. This strategy will deflect most of the legal liability from vaccine-related injury, delaying it and then minimizing it over time. A legion of government-funded scientists can be paraded in a courtroom for decades with the sole purpose of creating doubt and delaying taking responsibility for the problem. An admission of guilt opens a floodgate of liability lawsuits.

They think their skimpy studies give them breathing room so that they can now direct attention elsewhere to mysterious possibilities like genetics or environmental toxins that will also take them decades to figure out. True enough, these issues are also a percentage of the problem – so much so that they can be used to confuse the vaccine link for a long time. The government's defense is always that more research is needed. This is not research that proves what they are doing is safe before they continue to do it; it is research that proves what they are doing is harmful before they stop doing it. Unfortunately, behind closed doors they cherry pick their research results as well as what they choose to study.

In the mean time these unelected bureaucrats continue to unabashedly administer a vaccine program that injures and kills. Most societies would either call this murder or involuntary manslaughter. Why don't we hear Bush, McCain, Clinton, or Obama weighing in on this issue? Why don't they stand on stage with a group of autistic children and tell mothers everywhere how important vaccines are?

When the Hannah Polling case got on the radar map and blew up in the government's face, a damage control press conference was held. Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director of the CDC, stated, "There's absolutely nothing changed in the adamant recommendations that we are making to get children vaccinated. This is proven to save lives and is an essential component of health protection for children across America and the world." Dr. Gerberding should be the first to stand trial. (

Why Vaccines are a Problem

It is quite clear that the rate of autism in this country is directly time-associated with the increased numbers of vaccines given to children. The explosion in autism between 1987 and 1992 coincides with the tripling in the numbers of vaccines given to our children. While such data is not proof of cause and effect, it is significant and cannot be ignored by any responsible parent (it is ignored by the government and medical profession).

Numerous parents report taking their healthy child to the doctor, getting a barrage of vaccinations, having their child run a high fever, and their child never again being the same. THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM THAT PARENTS SEE WITH THEIR OWN TWO EYES.

The current government strategy is to keep arguing about thimerosal and MMR vaccines – as they know they can create enough doubt to win that argument in the majority of the scientific community. What the government does not want to discuss is the adjuvant in vaccines – which will clearly be shown to be the autism trigger.

Vaccines contain weakened "signatures" of a disease. By themselves they are not strong enough for the immune system to mount a response. This problem is solved by adding a "booster" compound called an adjuvant. An adjuvant does not contain any signature of the disease. Rather, the adjuvant initiates an inflammatory reaction (the first step in any immune response). The idea is to get the immune system revved up so that it can see the weakened disease and learn what it looks like so that if it ever sees it again it will be more prepared to fight it. This concept, in and of itself, has validity – but only given the right set of circumstances.

It is clear that those with autism have an excessively inflamed brain. If pressed, the CDC would likely argue that the brain inflammation is a result of the autism and that they need more studies to determine the cause. I will argue that they don't need any more studies at all and that the cause is blatantly obvious based on an understanding of existing science. The multiple inflammatory insults from the adjuvant in vaccines, at a rate of 1 in 150 cases, sets the brain on fire and causes autism. As an aside, and to a lesser extent (but just as important to society), a minor brush fire causes ADHD and impaired intelligence.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Phenols & Salicylates


Natural salicylates are found in wholesome foods, some individuals have difficulty tolerating even small amounts of them. The reaction to a natural salicylate can be severe if a person is highly sensitive. Some people are troubled by only one or two, while others are sensitive to all of them.

Addressing the need to eliminate foods high in Phenols / salicylates is usually reserved for advanced stages of GFCF dietary intervention. A minimum of 2 months providing GFCF Foods should be addressed, making sure the diet is clean of gluten and casein offending ingredients before proceeding.

Listed below are some of the symptoms that may be the result of eating highly phenolic foods. (Note: Not all of these symptoms need to be present and it is also important to note that these symptoms can also be due to autism, or other medical issues.)

  • dark circles under the eyes
  • red face/ears
  • diarrhea
  • hyperactivity
  • aggression
  • headache
  • head banging or other self-injury
  • laughing at in appropriate time (at night or when something is not funny.)
  • strange rashes that appear on the body
  • erratic behaviors and moods
  • self stimulatory behaviors
  • night walking for several hours
  • have a difficult time with their stools (with constipation, diarrhea or undigested foods.)

By eliminating or greatly reducing phenols and salicylates many children on the spectrum became much happier and had fewer issues.

There is some great information on phenols from


Low Fruits

Apple (yellow)
Paw Paw

Low Vegetables

Bamboo Shoot
Bean sprouts
Black-eyed peas
Brown beans
Brussel sprouts
Garbanzo beans
Lima beans
Mung beans
Summer squash
Sweet potato

Low Grains


Low Nuts/Seeds

Poppy seeds

Low Animal Products


Low Other

Carob powder
Cocoa powder
Maple syrup
Chamomile tea


Moderate Fruits

Apples (red)
Casaba melon
Cherries (sweet)
Grapes light/seedless
Kiwi (golden)
Passion Fruit

Moderate Vegetables

Cucumber (no skin)
Green beans
Olives (black)
Squash (marrow)

Moderate Nuts & Seeds

Brazil nuts
Coconut (dried)
Macadamia nuts
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds

Moderate Other

Coriander leaves
Corn syrup
Tea (herbal/decaf)
Wine (rose,white)


High Moderate Fruits

Apples (green)
Cherries (sour)
Grapes (red)
Grapefruit (red)
Kiwi (green)
Mandarin orange

High Moderate Vegetables

Broad beans
Chili peppers
Cucumber (with skin)

High Moderate Nuts

Pine nuts

High Moderate Other

Fennel powder
Wine (Cabernet/Riestling/Savignon


High Fruits

Cranberry sauce

High Vegetables

Peppers (red/yellow)

High Nuts

Water chestnuts

High Other

Bay leaves
Chili powder
Ginger root
Pepper (white)
Tea (green,black)
Vanilla flavoring


Very High Fruits


Very High Vegetables

Pepper (green)
Tomato paste
Tomato sauce

Very High Other



Canella powder
Celery powder
Dill powder
Mustard powder
Paprika (hot)
Worcestershire sauce