Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Way To Go Hawaii

Glad to hear good news on Dr. Mercola's site today...

People of Hawaii Pass Resolution Against Forced Vaccination
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
December 29 2009 | 5,782 views

government abuses,protest,health lawDepartment of Health officials in Hawaii were overruled by County of Hawaii directors supporting a resolution favoring First Amendment constitutional rights and vaccination exemptions for everyone demanding them.

The nearly unanimous vote demonstrated the power of local community activists to rebuke "top down" policies advancing "mandatory" vaccinations during declared emergencies.

The Resolution urges State and Federal legislators in Hawaii "to amend vaccine laws to include medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions from any vaccine program," including those declared urgent by health officials.

His comments follow the article as well as news relating to what other states are doing as well.

Monday, December 28, 2009

MSG Revisited

I decided to go visit an old friend - an old website that is: Truth In Labeling. When I first accepted the fact that something was not right with Nicolas, I eliminated a lot of ideas in the back of my mind. Then I had to face the harsh reality that perhaps, just maybe - his MMR (which contains MSG) had a little something to do with "it". At that time, I didn't know what "it" was. Anyway - a few months later I realized that Nick has a definite sensitivity to MSG. That's when I stumbled across Truth In Labeling and learned how to read food labels. Hubs realized it too, after Nicolas ate what we were told were "safe" hot dogs. That was last winter and the last time we trusted anyone else with his diet.

I've blabbed about MSG before, here at Created Chaos, but - since MSG is still everywhere, and because I am so tempted during the holidays to eat junk, I thought I might need a little reminder of just exactly what I'm dealing with.

Oh - here is a link to a convenient little flier that you can print out and take with you when you go grocery shopping, so that you can check the labels for MSG. Remember - just because it doesn't say MSG, doesn't mean it's not in the product. Read the label carefully.


Alert: H1N1 Vaccines: MedImmune’s H1N1 vaccine contains monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed protein gelatin, and various forms of phosphates. New government studies indicate that about 1 in 100 children have autism disorders. That's up from 1 in 150. And our FDA refuses to take neurotoxic glutamic acid and neurotoxic aspartic acid out of formula fed to infants, out of the food their nursing mothers eat and pass on to them, and out of vaccines where the neurotoxic glutamic acid is mainlined to children.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vitamin D - For Almost Everything

I am on a big ol vitamin D kick lately . Why?

Well, I started out thinking it was to prevent the flu. After reading 8 or 9 articles about preventing the flu, I thought I might order some vitamin D. Didn't have to though... I found some right in my cupboard. That's all it took and I am now taking CalMag D.

A 3-tablet serving of Cal Mag D provides:
  • Magnesium to help regulate calcium levels.
  • Vitamin C to promote collagen formation for bone strength.
  • Copper to promote bone and collagen strength.
  • Zinc to support bone growth and maturation.
  • The calcium equivalent of 20 oz. of milk.
  • No added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
I also recently read a book about weight loss and vitamin D. Ok, another hopeful point there - I am open to healthy weight loss, of course.

My father recently had a heart attack. Out of the clear blue sky too. Very scary and I haven't had peace since then. The doctors missed it. He had been having his heart attack for 2 days and they missed all his signs... sending him home to die, from what they called Irritable Bowel Syndrome, because he had been burping a lot. Good grief - he's only 68 years old... ((sniff-sniff)) The good news is that he did not die; but - he has blockages... and it is worrisome.

Well, anyway - I was looking around for commentaries regarding prevention of heart attacks and heart disease. Guess what I found? One of my favorite websites off all time - Dr. Mercola, commenting about scientific FACTS and vitamin D. I have to post some of his post and include the link.

Vitamin D Can Boost Your Health All Around

Vitamin D is not “just a vitamin,” but rather the only known substrate for a potent, pleiotropic (meaning it produces multiple effects), repair and maintenance seco-steroid hormone that serves multiple gene-regulatory functions in your body.

There are only 30,000 genes in your body and vitamin D has been shown to influence about 3,000 of them. Receptors that respond to the vitamin have been found in almost every type of human cell, from your brain to your bones. And researchers keep finding health benefits from vitamin D in virtually every area they look.

Can vitamin D help you prevent cancer? You betcha.

Fight colds and the flu? Yes!

Help prevent obesity? It sure can.

Tackle depression, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis? Yes, yes and yes!

In fact, researchers have calculated that simply increasing levels of vitamin D could prevent diseases that claim nearly 1 million lives throughout the world each year, as the widespread vitamin D deficiency seen today is fueling an astonishingly diverse array of common chronic diseases.

Video about Vitamin D and Updated

The Role of Vitamin D in Your Body

There are only 30,000 genes in your body and vitamin D has been shown to influence over 2,000 of them. That is one of the primary reasons it influences so many diseases, from cancer and autism to heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

A study by Dr. William Grant, Ph.D., internationally recognized research scientist and vitamin D expert, found that about 30 percent of cancer deaths -- which amounts to 2 million worldwide and 200,000 in the United States -- could be prevented each year with higher levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D has a protective effect against cancer in several ways, including:

• Increasing the self-destruction of mutated cells (which, if allowed to replicate, could lead to cancer)
• Reducing the spread and reproduction of cancer cells
• Causing cells to become differentiated (cancer cells often lack differentiation)
• Reducing the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones, which is a step in the transition of dormant tumors turning cancerous

Beyond cancer, the researchers pointed out that increasing levels of vitamin D3 could prevent diseases that claim nearly 1 million lives throughout the world each year! And other studies showed that you can decrease your risk of cancer by MORE THAN HALF simply by optimizing your vitamin D levels with sun exposure.

Vitamin D even fights colds and the flu, as it regulates the expression of genes that influence your immune system to attack and destroy bacteria and viruses. In fact, it is very rare for someone with optimized vitamin D levels to come down with the flu.

Vitamin D for flu fighting? I sure hope so!

Vitamin D for fighting cancer - I hope this too!

Vitamin D to keep this mom healthy - oh yes! My kids need me... they really do. Time will tell, as usual, but - I am professing that we will stay healthy the rest of the flu season -- which is Wisconsin, lasts half a year...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Thoughts

I was going to post this before Christmas, but - the created chaos got me...

A day late and still worth a few minutes of your time.

Click here and watch the whole thing - ok? It's got a little surprise...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Vitamins

I'm always tweaking Nick's diet. This time, it's with a semi-new vitamin - that I have been working on getting him to take, and I think I found the secret! It's raw honey. Simple. Only wish I'd known 11 months ago...

Anyway - here is the multi-vitamin we're trying: Syndion.

It's a liquid and I love the fact that I don't have to crush or dissolve another supplement. Now I just have to add it to our routine and be consistent in giving it and then hope and pray for good results. Nick has the worst circles under his eyes, still. But - school is going well, this week...and that is all the good news for now.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Back to Public Blogging

After a blogging break, I am back blogging here, at Created Chaos. It seems to describe my life and work rather well for my therapy.

See you soon...