Friday, September 17, 2010

Preventing Chaos

Most of us know that it is so expensive to buy food for our kids with food allergies and intolerances.

I used to think it was hard to find food that was:

free of artificial colors, sweeteners and MSG, etc.

Oh, how we wish we could purchase everything we need from one store or retailer... or better yet, order it online from just one place!  Dreaming...

Well, back to reality.  Ain't happening.

But, I did find a website called Gluten Solutions that has some of the items we use -- and they were on sale too.  Big time! 

This muffin mix does concern me because it has xanthan gum and we usually use guar gum. but - for $1.99, I am willing to try it, and ordered only 1.
In hopes of preventing some chaos, I placed my first order, selected the least expensive shipping and got a whole box of special food for my special child!  I plan to save most of these items for upcoming events, such as birthday parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas.

I don't  get a lot of Nick's food online anymore, although I love the $4.99 shipping option at VitaCost. I just do not like buying in bulk, since we have reactions pretty often again.

The closest city to us has a Hy-Vee grocery store, which carries many wonderful products, which are all 10% off on Thursdays.  Apparently, Thursdays is "health market day" at our local Hy-Vee.  If I am lucky, I'll go on Thursday and use a few coupons too.  Never thought I'd be a coupon clippin' mama, but- I never thought my precious child would be thrust in a world of intolerances and allergies either.

Frosting?  I've not given Nick frosting in 2 years.  Usually use fresh fruit or GF-CF chocolate chips.  Very excited to try this product, without cornstarch. 

Anyway, I am very pleased to have the foresight to prevent some chaos during the upcoming holidays, by having some special baking mixes and frosting ready.  The weather is forecasted to be cool this weekend, so I will likely bake up some cupcakes to freeze and have on hand, just in case we get invited some place special.  Nick has done remarkably well in his classes where treats and candy have been passed out.  I am so proud of how far he has come the last 2 years.

Two years ago, using Fruit Loops to play bingo with would have completely whacked him out.  He handled it today in his music class.  This is good.  I'll end on a positive note.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adventures in Autism: CDC Vaccine Recommendations in Childhood Hits 70.....

Adventures in Autism: CDC Vaccine Recommendations in Childhood Hits 70.....: "Ding! Ding! Ding! America wins a prize!!! CDC wants your child to have 70 vaccines by the time they are 18 years old! 70! ...50 of those..."

I have been meaning to post about this...  it still shocks and disturbs me.  It's been almost 2 months since this news came out and I am still weak in the knees.  

ACIP  =  The  Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices

Now that my summer bloggie break is over, I am re-acquainting myself with the feelings of sadness, shock, disbelief and some fear.  Might as well admit it -- it's scary!

Yet...  there is still hope.  Without knowing all this "stuff",  I would be just as ignorant as the next person...  and, my real hope, my very, very real hope is in God.  Yes, all this "stuff" that we learn about is heavy - really heavy.  Using an old word -- burden...  or in this case, burdens or worries.  Or maybe even call them concerns...  whatever I call them, there is an action I take, in my heart.  I have to try to let go of the worry and ask God to take it from me.  Turn it over, let it go, turn the burden over...  it all means the same thing.

I am but a mere mortal mom and cannot carry the weight of this negativity.  I do believe that the Maker can though.  The following old hymn goes through my head sometimes.  Reminds me of when I was a child and sat next to my grandmother on Sunday mornings, in a little country church... just like you hear about. . .  and old hymns bring comfort to me.