Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Changes - 1 at A Time

  This year has been a year of changes - more than I could have or would have even imagined, if I had imagined changes at all.

  • Our family has moved to a new state, new home and new life. Big change.  Due to this big change, I find myself needing to blog again.  Remember -- blogging is my therapy!  My kids need me, so here I am back to blogging.
There have been many significant changes that have happened, which I am sure I'll share in due time.  The most amazing things have happened and I want to be able to share the good and encouraging things -- especially regarding our health and allergies.

For today, I will share that our son's health improved SIGNIFICANTLY when he lost his baby teeth with silver fillings.  We live with him, so we saw the improvement right away.  It was significant and it was immediate.

Tomorrow we have dentist appointments for the 1st time since moving.  I am curious to see how Boy Wonder  reacts to the air and environment.  And, no - we will not be having fluoride treatments. 

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  1. That's great news about your son's health!