Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coffee Addiction I

I am not a sissie or a wimp. I know my strengths and I can easily find my weaknesses too.

I am not perfect - yet.

I need to lose a lot of weight and focus more on my own health. 'Tis true...

I need to volunteer less and spend more time maintaining and caring for our home. I really, really need to do this, not just think about, talk about and pray about this. Hubs is not one to be organized; he needs me. Boy, does he need me. And, I need to get organized and get rid of some of the chaos around here. One of the ways I have started to de-clutter is by selling our precious "stuff and junk" at friends' garage sales. The money is certainly helpful in combating medical bills and the cost of Nick's supplements, that's for certain. Getting ready for garage sales is a lot of work and took a lot of time. Thanks to coffee, it worked out just fine!

I like to go full-speed ahead from the time I wake up until the time I go go bed. It's not healthy, and I rely on my loving cups of java throughout the day and night -- to get me through. Hubs and I grind our beans every morning and he uses a drip coffee maker and I use my grandmother's Farberware percolator. The sound of a freshly perking coffee pot puts me in a good mood!

In the mornings, after reading the Bible, I like to sit and plan the day. I have lists, goals and time lines for Nicolas. I plan and organize fairly well when it comes to our children and homeschooling. So, why then do I neglect myself? Laziness? Avoiding the inevitable? Procrastinating? I don't procrastinate too often though. I think it may be because I just can't take another failure. I have tried so many things that have failed or not worked out as I would have thought or liked them to. Plus, I never know what the day will bring and how Nick will be. Even my best-made plans have failed, due to created chaos. Still, I do not exercize or even walk the dogs often enough and I drink way too much coffee. Why this neglect?

Fear of failure, maybe. Or maybe I am just being realistic and wise. Yes! That's it!! I am wise in my older age, I just know it. It's gotta be true. Right?

My wisdom tells me that I need to cut back on coffee. I have. My teeth are far from white and sparkly. Coffee isn't cheap and... I don't need an acidic body. I have enough stress!

Here are my coffee related resolutions:
  • Drink only 2 cups of coffee per day. Not 2 pots or 2 giant to-go travel mugs of coffee. Nope. Just 2 cups.
  • Drink skim milk in my coffee instead of cream.
  • Try to drink black coffee. BLECH! It really takes away my desire for coffee, when I have to drink it black.
  • Drink at least 5 glasses of water per day. I am on day 4. So far, so good.
  • Do not drink coffee after 3 pm. I had a cup at 8 pm, on my way to Royal Rangers... oh the shame... darn it. I forgot. What an excuse... (Wonder where the kids get it from?)
  • Go to bed before 11:30 pm.
  • Get up and out of bed by 6:30 am.
  • Spend more time in prayer. I know, it's not coffee related, but it is needed in every area of my life. I drink coffee when I pray too. Makes it a holy drink - wouldn't you say? Oh, I kid... I kid. (Kid=tease.)
Do you remember that old song from the 70's with the lyrics that went something like, " In heaven there is no beer... that's why we drink it here!" Some people feel that way about beer. Not me. I hate beer and probably haven't had a sip in over 10 years and a whole glass since I can remember... Ew - the smell... the taste... yuck! But, coffee on the other hand... I could write a song like that about coffee! Lucky and coffee sort of rhyme, don't they? Anyway... moving on...

Nicolas has had to change his drinking habits, his eating habits and just about every habit he ever had. Certainly, I can cut back on coffee. Wouldn't you agree?

Maybe you should come over and we can talk further about all of this. I promise to make a fresh pot of coffee... and we can talk. Coffee talk - anyone?

I know, I am hopelessly pathetic. Pray for me... ((smile)) Really. I never refuse prayer.

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  1. I'm also trying to cut back on my coffee consumption. The good news is that coffee has more anti-oxidants in it than it's not all bad. But, everything in moderation, right?

    If you like hot tea, I've found that trading in my afternoon coffee for decaf green tea is a decent substitute. I still get the feel of the mug and the soothing warmth, without the jitters. Plus, it's also another good source of anti-oxidants.