Sunday, May 10, 2009

Still on the Triclosan Wagon

Too busy again... making adjustments to Nick's supplementation schedule. Trying to homeschool and work. Getting ready for another garage sale too. Still, I keep finding more information about that darn triclosan. Gotta share it. From what I read, it kills algae, is found in earthworms and stays in the soil and sediment; it's bad news for our earth.

Here is a fact sheet about triclosan, updated in March of this year. My goodness, it's nasty! Go read for yourself. An informed parent (or person) is a smart person.

You can also go here and read some more about it too. Interesting thing is that no matter how many pages I end up at or do a search on... they all seem to mention triclosan and chloroform in the same sentence. Am I so old school that this is scary? Wait - don't answer... let me live in naivety, but - only for a season. My ignorance has never been bliss. ((Sigh))

For those of us who are working so hard to help our childrens' bodies (sp?) heal and regain optimal health, it is so important that we look at environmental factors that may either be hindering or harming their health and/or recovery. (Was that one sentence?!?) Toxins in their environments... Not just irritants, but - toxins? They've gotta go. And so do I - to bed, that is. I nearly pulled a couple of all-nighters last week... and I am feeling it tonight.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms. Hope your day was special.

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