Monday, June 8, 2009

I Wonder What Oprah Thinks

How Allopathic Medicine is Shooting Itself in the Foot by Attacking Oprah is worth reading on Adventure's in Autism


Age of Autism's Newsweek’s Newspeak: Pharma’s Weapon Against Oprah

Of course I wonder what Oprah thinks. I wonder a lot of things... Does someone as well-known and already in the spotlight, need or want more attention? Hmmm... I am thankful, extremely thankful for Jenny McCarthy. I've said it before and I meant it.

The more I learn about recovering children, especially my own child, the more tired I become. I am just tired right now. For those of us who are working so hard, we need to stay focused. I have no time for criticism anymore. Life is precious and short, and I don't need the distraction or diversion. I am learning too.

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  1. If Brad and Angie's 'charity' and 'humanitarian' work is legit, then why don't they donate directly to the most efficient charities to begin with? Why must the funds be donated to their own foundation first? Why are the donations to and from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation publicized so often within a week of their latest film or DVD release? Why isn't their foundation rated by any independent charity watchdog? Why havn't they spent or granted the majority of their funding so far directly on 'humanitarian' work? Why are the private jets and super high-end accomodations around the world necessary to promote 'good will'? Why would Brad Pitt compete for funding, awareness, and support with the most efficient home building charity organization in the world (Habitat For Humanity)? Why not just endorse and support Habitat instead?

    Why in the name of all that is right and logical would a 'humanitarian' squander such obscene levels of limited life sustaining resources on multiple mansions, private jet rides, private helicopter rides, and super exclusive super high-end accomodations around the world? Why in the name of all that is right and logical would a 'humanitarian' deliberately concentrate the world's wealth and resources? Why would they DELIBERATELY expand the gap between the rich and poor? Why would they promote, accept, and celebrate the concept of extreme wealth or obscene compensation for the making of movies? Even now when so many people worldwide struggle to survive? Why not call for a more reasonable, moral, and logical pay-scale for all people? Why not call for a more reasonable distribution of wealth? WHY ARE HOLLYWOOD HUMANITARIANS SUCH DISGUSTING HYPOCRITE SLOBS?