Friday, June 26, 2009

Toxic Toys? Oh yes!

I have always thought that there was a piece of the puzzle that I have been missing in regards to Nick's regressive health condition, a.k.a. his autism or ADHD. Five years ago, there were no signs or symptoms. The photo below is from a NICU reunion at the hospital where Nicolas was born. It was a fun, fun day with lots of activities, snacks and a time to see nurses and old friends. Maybe this was more than 5 years ago... Andrew was but a teenager. Doesn't really matter; Nicolas was a normal, happy little boy. There were no "episodes" or humiliating or embarrassing moments. No meltdowns, screaming or drooling either. Just a nice afternoon. What the heck happened?

When I look back and search for reasons and conditions, there are many to be found. Surgeries, medications, metal fillings, the MMR, etc.

And, when I look at his immunological system, his individual areas of concern and try to understand what is happening on a cellular level, it gets deep. It's been an education all over again, plus more than what I ever knew before, from taking high school chemistry and biology, that's for sure. In college, I took accounting classes and in cosmetology school, we did learn some about overall health relating to massage, etc. - but those were the 80's and much has been discovered since then. Still, both Nick's DAN! Dr. and I think we're missing something. He thinks it is allergy related. I am unsure. He thinks it is corn. It is not corn. I have done so many corn tests... it's silly.

I have just kind of put this on the back burner and been focusing on removing metals from Nick's body for now. Most days it is a fight just to get all his ala carte supplements in him... Until today. Today I am supposed to be packing to go up north to our cabin, cleaning, cooking, preparing, etc. So far, I have played with the bird... and read an article that I can't stop thinking about.

I peeked over at Age of Autism, one of my favorite places to be reminded that I am not alone. Our story is not unique and there are so many families who have lost children at younger ages than Nick. But, not to think about now. Now I am wondering about toxic toys.

Ever hear of toys being toxic? Did you know that toys can be toxic? Yes, that is what I said.

Go over to Age of Autism and read about the toys and lead levels. Then read the comments. If you have kids, you should read it. It your kids play with toys, you should read it.

Once again, I feel let down by the manufacturers and those with money and power. My heart aches and I am too tired to be angry.

Could this be the piece of Nick's puzzle that I am missing?

I have been focusing on so many areas... and for good reason. I am so aware of neurodiversity and what a joke it is if you're not just like everyone else. That's a bunch of garbage.

I have never been a follower and even in the salon industry - I have never gotten a trendy cut or new style when everyone else does. I can't stand the thought of being a carbon copy. In fact, Olivia and I are growing our hair as long as we can stand it, and then we will donate it. I haven't had so much as a trim in over 16 months. My hair is driving me nuts; but, I know there are people who would give anything just to be healthy enough to grow and have hair, so I am not complaining. Livi's hair is nearly down to her waist and mine is just the middle of my back. I trim hers every other month, to keep the ends clean looking. Speaking of hair, I have worked with hair and nail chemicals for almost 25 years. I wonder about all those chemicals and odors.

And, I wonder about the toys my kids play with. Do they contain high levels of lead? I am going to look at this possibility next week, after we get home from selling our cabin. You can bet I'll be blogging about it too.

Oh, the cabin is a rustic structure, by the way. No indoor plumbing. I haven't been up there in 8 years. One final trip is in order and I will bring home a few dishes and so forth... it's a 5 hour drive, one way. Wish me luck and pray for us. Safety and the sale. We NEED to sell. I am trusting that this is God's perfect timing, of course. I also trust that the things I discover along the way are meant to have a cause and reaction. Lead in toys? I don't know... but - I will find out.

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