Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Literally Literal

I recently took my kids over to a play group, well -- to play. They had fun. Nicolas was the oldest and that seems to work out well for him. He is thoughtful of the younger kids and as with most kids, he gets the chance to show off his leadership abilities - which in turn gives him a bit of confidence

The woman who organizes the playgroup does childcare, and has worked with children all her life. I watch her, while she watches Nicolas. It's amusing, in a good way. She's not used to a child who is so literal and Nick questioned her several times, for clarification -- which is great! Slang can really mess with him and I felt proud of him for questioning her. She knows of his "condition" and gives me a smile every once in a while, when our eyes meet. I am thankful that she is understanding and I can see why kids and parents love her. She's calm, cool and collected: everything that you would want in a daycare provider. Those kids (and their parents) are so lucky/blessed to have her!
This summer, I will need to take Nicolas around older children too. I will intentionally place him in situations for him to grow and learn from. Honestly, I dread it. Don't get me wrong! We've come a long, long way since last summer. But - we are far from where I hope we get, in our healing.

Q: What's a mom to do?
A: Pray.

And I do pray. I pray that God will provide Nicolas with understanding friends. Maybe some artsy kids, like himself. And I pray that those kids will have parents that are understanding too.

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