Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pesticides in Produce Guide - What A Find!

Ohhhh, I found something good last night! Well, this morning, actually. I found something that I have been looking for! No, not a spare $20 in an old purse (I wish), not quite that exciting... but - pretty darn exciting.

I found a list called
The Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce. Wait! Don't click on it yet.

Nicolas called this pepper a Christmas pepper. Red and green...get it?

Before you check it out, which fruits and vegetables do you think are the worst? Which do you think are the safest? Think about it for a minute, then click here for the comparison chart. Any surprises?

I am so thankful he likes fresh fruits and veggies!

All the more reason to have our own garden again this year. Last year was the worst year ever! So, I am claiming that this year will be our best ever! I am sure my dad would just shake his head at me... he is such a faithful laborer in the garden. And it shows. He always has a wonderful huge garden.

Maybe this year will be my year for a wonderful huge garden, minus the weeds! Ha!

Time will tell...


  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I'm always worrying about toxins in our food. This guide is a big help.

  2. That's good information to know. Peaches are at the top of the list, and the boys and I are all allergic to peaches. Perhaps it's a reaction to the pesticides. I'm allergic to apples and nectarines too, which are also high on the list.