Saturday, February 28, 2009

MMR Update Over at Age of Autism

I don't know why I do this, but - I do; I stay up all night reading about all the different factors that have contributed to Nick's illness, up until his MMR shot last July.

A whole new sad and toxic world has opened up to me, since Nick's "incident", a.k.a. the MMR. I can't ignore the fact that my child is no longer the same... and that we have bad days, and some ok days. Never good days. Never. Yet! I have to think positive.

Our time is coming - and I am working to heal him, help him and just pretty much do what home educating parents do: homeschool their kids. It's just in an unusual way and there are no "normals" anymore. I think I have come to terms with that too. And, it's kinda tough, knowing Nick's condition could have been prevented... however, I do still have a child, even - if he has a "condition" but - I am not depressed... I am tired. I am frustrated... It's work, you know.

I will hang in there and until then, I will also keep posting on this blog.

Some blogs and websites I can't pry myself away from. Here's one of them:

Age of Autism

Head over there and check out today's page - February 28th - and know that you will be reading information that is a little hard to take in... especially the last 2 paragraphs...

"Two additional points worth noting: After the increase in 1990 and decrease in 2007, there is still more than twice as much mumps virus in the MMR as there was in 1990.

The changes in the mumps virus component of the MMR serves as a potent reminder of something else: MMR is not one thing but three different exposures. And over the period 1980-2009 the MMR has changed significantly at least twice, making epidemiological studies even more difficult to interpret."

It's even harder to think that parents will not be able to split up the MMR anymore. Our poor children...

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  1. I wasn't able to comment earlier today but now it seems to be working. I sent you an email about an organic chicken broth I found at Costco. If it will work for your family, I can pick some up this week.

    We stopped vaccinating our kids a few years ago, so they didn't get their Kindergarten shots. Reading this information helps solidify our decision.