Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hair Today - Gone For A While

I couldn't do it. I couldn't go for 2 years without cutting my hair. I tried, but - the other day... something in me just needed to cut my hair. It was driving me nuts.
I got the name of a hairdresser that I had never met before; but - I have seen her work, and I knew she would be good. And, she was. She was confident, fast and very good. Although I hadn't cut my hair since February of 2008, it wasn't as long as I had hoped it would be. I decided to get it cut, secretly praying that it would be at least 10 inches! And, since I was only about half an inch from 10 inches of a clear cut in the back, she said she'd send my hair in anyway. Yeah!

I am talking about sending my hair to Locks of Love. It feels good inside, knowing that somewhere, a little girl or young woman, who cannot grow their own hair, usually from a health related condition - could have my hair. It's not "the least I could do". It's just something that I could do to help someone else. And, I am now growing it out again, to donate again - most likely.

While I was sitting in a very lovely salon, getting my hair cut, I was looking around at the other clients and hairdressers. Although I did attend cosmetology college just 23 years ago... (choke-choke) things are not all that different in the salon world. The cuts and colors are different. Oh - and the music is different, most definitely. But - the activitiy remains the same. The smells in salons always give me flashbacks and this time, I was ok. I was pretty sure that Nicolas wouldn't flip out over my new short hairdo and I am coming to terms with the fact that I need to be a little bit nicer to him. It was good to get away from home for almost 90 minutes! My haircut was only 40minutes, including the shampoo and style, but - I went to the bakery first and poof! My time was up and I had to rush home to get the kids from my folks. They can't handle Nick for too long; he eats too much and too often, and talks a lot --- is what they report back to me. Poor boy... he just has so much to say that it works up an appetite! ((Smile))

I have a lot of excuses to explain my stress and impatience. Most of them really are true. And, I am phasing out of many of the things that have my time and energy. This too, is true. But - I have this "gut-feeling" that I still need to simplify my life, our home and our schedules even further. Easy to say; hard to do.

This fall, Andrew will be going in to his 3rd year of college. Essentially starting over, now that he thinks he wants to go into health care. Nick will be in 3rd grade and Olivia wants to start K-4. Two dogs, one bird, a gerbil, lots of fish, an organic garden (that is trying to kill me!) and a bunch of other things, all require my attention. Oh - and Hubs... I should try to squeeze him in somewhere too. Yes, I need to continue my efforts to re-arrange and simplify our lives. Homeschooling Nick is not anything even remotely close to predictable. Oh my - it is rewarding, but - it's challenging.

Getting my hair cut (to donate it) was a good thing. Getting rid of all the stuff that ties us down, in ways that are distracting - this is good too. But, even more important is the urge I have to spend more time in prayer, alone with our Heavenly Father. He is the One who renews and refreshes me, even in the areas I so desperately need, such as patience.

I think I will get real simple, and start using "to do" lists again. Right after I stop procrastinating, that is. Ha!

As always, time will tell.

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