Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Really Hate Ticks

Look at my girl...

She's always ready for a road trip! Juice + blankey = good trip and a happy kid.

A few mornings ago, I awoke to screaming. Not altogether unheard of in our home, but - what was unusual, was that it was Olivia doing the screaming. What in the world would make my pet-loving, happy to sing you a song, happy girl, shriek so early in the morning?

It wasn't our new bird, that's for sure. She loves him.

It was a tick. A tip in her arm... yuck! Hubs got it out and had it cremated before I even got out of bed and to her. What would I do without my tick annihilating hubby? ((Our hero!))

It's now several days later and that tiny little spot is looking rather blistered. I put some hydrogen peroxide and lavender essential oil on it and we'll check it again in the morning. She's not complaining, so I am not over-checking it either.

Every time I feel a little tickle from one of the dogs' cute little furry ears, or a little "twinge", I think I am feeling a tick on my skin. Never has been. Thank goodness. I really hate ticks.

I love this picture. I don't know what my little girlie girl is thinking, but - I know she's not worrying about ticks, that's most certain. She gets over things fairly well. Not like her brother...

Poor Nicolas. He has not had a good week. Something is not right and I am going to start adding more meat to his diet. I know, it sounds odd... but - between his mouth, gut and brain: something is not right. He has dark circles under his eyes and cries all the time, about everything. I am trying to read books to him more and honestly, it's the last thing I feel like doing. I don't want to sit with a kid who, on the outside, appears to be giving me such a run for my money... ((sigh)) I have to make myself available to him, as he needs me. I need to be in his world, because he sure is having a hard time in mine. Poor kiddo... I'll let you know if the meat helps. Oh, and I am going to cut back on fruit. Always fine tuning and tweaking his diet... always. On the bright side - I have made 4 new recipes in the last week and the whole family has loved them and they are safe all to eat. Maybe I should write them down...? I should. I can never remember what I used to make for meals. Does that ever happen to you? It happens to me a lot. Sometimes I wonder what we've eaten all these years... Ha-ha. Food, I would guess...

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