Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spring Rain

It's really cold tonight -- especially for the end of July! The temperature will be down in the low 50's tonight... brrr. This weather certainly feels more like spring, than like mid-summer.

And, it's raining tonight. Reminds me of a rainy spring day when the kids went outside to play - with rain boots and raincoats. I was busy doing something... probably sweeping the porch or some other domestic duty (insect control)... and I noticed it was rather quiet.

Hmmm... where was Nicolas?

Whoa, it sure must be windy out front! The umbrella has capsized!!

Uh-hugh... Just as I expected!

Every once in a while, things seem normal - just like spring rain. It just doesn't last for long, that's all...yet! I haven't talked about this for a while, however - we do believe that all these actions that we are taking... that they are not only helping Nicolas, but - that they are allowing his body to get to a status... or a "state", where he will start to self-heal. There are so many areas that we are working on. I keep praying that we are going the right direction and focused in the right areas. And, I am also praying for God's healing too. He is still Jehovah Rapha.

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  1. We've sure had some cold and rainy days lately, though this week looks to be more sunny. Good to see you at the bakery on Friday.