Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Just Another Story

I keep thinking about an article I read over at Age of Autism. And thinking and thinking...

Busy week this week; my head is spinning with back-to-school thoughts, upcoming family camp and just the usual created chaos around here. And - I keep thinking about that article! Which means a couple of things: I need to pray for that family and I am going to post it.

It's not just another story. It's a true story, involving real people. And, it makes me sad and angry in great measure. Big time.

Here's the article:

August 03, 2009

My Name Is Tanner

Tim welsh Read the full article about our friend and Father Warrior "Tanner's Dad" Tim Welsh and his family HERE. I tear up every time I read about Tanner's final words before he slipped into autism. "My name is Tanner."

CATLIN – When their only son, Tanner, got the last of his pre-kindergarten vaccines at age 4 1/2, Tim and Cheri Welsh held their breath.

The Catlin couple had delayed those immunizations a bit, worried about the rare, potential reactions they'd heard some children have. But they also knew vaccines protect kids from nasty diseases like measles and mumps, so they eventually decided to proceed.

Two days after he got two shots containing five vaccines, Tanner went running up to his dad and spoke his last sentence: "My name is Tanner, my name is Tanner."

Click HERE for the comments to the above article. Sometimes the comments are as important as the articles themselves...

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