Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Scriptures

When I first became a follower of Christ, I read and memorized scripture in King James. Nowadays, I usually read and meditate in the NIV - 'cept not this verse. This one comes to my mind in KJV, without fail.

Lamentations 3:22-23 (King James Version)

22It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

23They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

Today, it simply reminds me that my mercy and compassion can be new each day. I don't have to wake up grumpy or flustered by whatever happened with the kids (or Hubs) from the day before. God's faithfulness is unfathomable - especially for this mere mortal mom. And - He is faithful. Faithful to His character and His words. He is the real deal, and trustworthy.

Last night, Nicolas was rambling on and on - and it's hard to understand him when he speaks monotone or forgets to breathe. Honestly, I often tune him out, because he's usually just reciting some article he read in a book or found on the web about hermit crabs or something of the sort. I get the same stories, over and over. And then, over and over again. The boy is so excited or enthused about his new-found info that he has to keep repeating it. Usually. In this case, he was explaining that the last time his hermit crab went missing, it reappeared the next day, in its cage. This time, the crab hadn't reappeared. He informed me that he noticed his crab on Monday, and then it was just "gone". Poof - into thin air.

I could not convince him that pets do not just disappear and then reappear. He apparently believes that he has experienced otherwise. The fact is this: the crab is missing. No matter what happened "last time", the crab is probably gone for good, at this point, since it['s been 6 days. Goner. I should have paid better attention or noticed sooner. I didn't. I got tired of listening to him babble... not all special needs kids are quiet! Ours never stops talking!!

Whew, I am so glad that God doesn't get tired of me! I do the same thing, in a way... and God could get tired of me and all of my complaints, ranting and raving... on and on. Praying and praying... and struggling... and then committing the same dumb sin again, over and over. But - He doesn't. His compassions are new! towards me... How cool is that? Very cool, indeed. Losing a hermit crab? Not so cool; but - we can't be the first family to ever lose a hermit crab... and it does surprise me. Nick is so methodical about caring for all his pets. I am honestly very surprised; again, he loves (loved) his crabs. Time will tell...if we find the shell someplace, sometime.

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