Thursday, February 25, 2010

Food Label Lies

More food label advice - for all of us, not just our affected kiddos. Same stuff I've been squawking about... imagine that.

I've been thinking about adding more fresh and raw foods in our diets again. Thinking and doing -- not the same thing though...

Can You Trust That the Ingredients are What They Say They are?

You need to realize that some foods, particularly those making low-fat, low-carb or no-sugar claims, can contain drastically different nutrients than are listed on the label, and food products that say they contain milk, fruit or vegetables may not contain the real McCoy at all.

For example, some blueberry muffins do not contain actual blueberries, but rather artificial blueberry-flavored bits. Other products that list milk on their label may actually contain non-fat powdered milk, palm oil, sugar and additives, instead – the chemical “equivalent” of milk.

There is also the potentially daunting task of deciphering what certain ingredients really are. For instance, if you were trying to avoid corn (which is genetically modified in most cases these days), you would have to avoid not only anything listed as “corn,” but also:

Malt Baking powder
Malt extract and syrup Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Sorbitol Maltodextrin
Food starch Starch
Dextrin Confectioner’s sugar
Fructose and fructose syrup

All of these items could potentially be made from corn, but unless you are specifically aware of what to look for it would be easy to overlook these items when looking for corn on an ingredient label.

Here's the article from Dr. Mercola.

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