Friday, February 26, 2010


For years, we have had pencil problems. We = Nicolas. It's just another one of those things that would be odd in someone else's home. Here, it's the usual. Notice I didn't say it was the norm!
This is my dream pencil sharpener! Just look at this - it's a thing of beauty. Ahhh...

There is not a day that goes by without a pencil getting broken. Usually it's just the lead, or should I say it is always the lead.

Every single day - Nicolas breaks the lead in his pencils. It has been driving me crazy for the last 2 years. Still is.

I have decided to break down, and buy a new pencil sharpener. Electric... maybe.

We have gone through 3 in the last few years and they're not a cheap item! The good sharpeners are upwards around $80.

I seriously am considering a manual design for $15. Either way, I will have to listen to it make a noise while it is sharpening. Maybe the arm exercise would be good for Nick?

This may sound silly, but - it is just one of the "things' that adds to our created chaos. Broken pencil leads. Sharpening pencils...

Maybe I'll check out some of the office supply stores online ads and find out if they have any on sale?

No matter what I do, we need a new pencil sharpener asap. It's really hard to do schoolwork without a sharp pencil.

We did try mechanical pencils earlier this schoolyear. Nope. No can do. Too thin and went through all the lead in about a day... Hey - I tried!

Can't wait for garage sales so that I can stock up on pencils again. Seriously. This pencil lead thing has been going on for long, it's part of "normal". Ha.

Wish me luck! Pencil sharpers here I come.

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