Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Can't and Won't Give Up Coffee... Yet

I love coffee. The smell, the temperature and the taste = yum.

There's nothing like a great cup of coffee to put me in a good mood and help this mother get in gear. The opposite is true about a nasty tasting cup of coffee. Yuck... then watch out!

When Hubs and I married, I was delighted to inherit his coffee bean grinder. It still works today. Good 'ol Krups... just keeps right on grinding for me each and every morning.

So... it never occurred to me to read my coffee creamer labels until just recently. I'd like to just hang and shake my head... it's true. My creamer has a forbidden additive! Darn... (I don't swear...)

The evil ingredient?


Odd looking word, isn't it. Does make it easy to see on the labels, when it's not disguised or hidden.

Here's an easy-to-read page about this nasty additive. Oh - and I can't forget this one either -- this is a posting (at WiseGeek) of people who are allergic or sensitive to it and how they found out, including their symptoms. Wow! VERY informative. Please go read about this nasty excitotoxin. Yeah - it's friends with MSG and Aspartame.

Back to my coffee!

It's ok. I mean that I am ok... I used some of Olivia's $6/gallon, organic white 1% milk from Sassy Cow. It's almost like cream. But, no flavor...

Wait! My day only got better!

Chrissy over at Spectrum Hope's blog, posted none other than a recipe for non-dairy creamer today. No kidding. Hey - God is good and He cares about my taste buds, my love (and need) for coffee and for my creamer.

Go check out her yummy recipe for home made coffee creamer. Or come on over this week, and have some with me! Any day but Thursday, as we have an appt. with Nick's DAN! doctor, far away. Long drive - but you know I'll take my own coffee and new creamer with me! Neat - hugh? Gotta rejoice in all the little things... with a thankful heart.

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  1. I am SO with you on the lovin' the coffee! As far as the additives, I am afraid I am not so good. I only look at the amount of calories & fat on labels. And carbs. I am a diabetic, so those are the most important ones for me. Some days, doesnt it just feel like you can eat anything anymore?! It does to me! It gets frustrating!