Friday, April 3, 2009

Ways We Heal

I recently posted about Sodium Laurel Sulfate in Created Chaos. I was correct in my assumption that it is a very unwanted "drug" in many of our shampoos and cosmetics. It is a drug. The FDA considers it a drug - and it's not good. I've banned it from our home. Like most things, we simply do not continue to purchase products with the formerly accepted additives or ingredients in them, such as MSG, fluoride and now, sodium laurel sulfate. Yes, it's that serious. Remember, we are healing Nicolas and preventing and preserving Olivia's health (conditions).

This is just one of the many things we are changing in our home; things that we were not aware of, until Nick's "situation" occurred. Other things that we've either changed or added to our personal health care are: specific supplementation (and tweaking, increasing and adjusting as needed), removing artificial additives from our diets; further removal of toxins and allergens from within out home; continued chiropractic care and continued homeopathy; essential oils for treatment and prevention in healthcare. In fact, my friend - Lisa, from Pockets of Time - who uses titanium cookware (I didn't even know that titanium pots and pans existed!) that she sells, and who just sold me some fluoride free toothpaste too, is an oil lady.

I can't hear myself saying, "Hi, I am an oil lady." No - Lisa has never said that either. She's too calm, cool and collected... Unlike what I would say... I can hear myself say something like... "Hi - I don't have enough common sense to go to bed at night". But - then again, I never thought I would homeschool or have a "special" child and I never thought that immunizations were anything but good and beneficial. And I never thought I would have gray hair... or a million other things. Back to Lisa. I like her. She's sweet, pretty, has a cool new hairdo and she's not like me - she's quiet and so are her kids. She lives on a different planet than I do, one with white carpeting! Anyway, I checked out one of the blogs she follows and that's how I stay up all night... but - I like a good read and making new friends... one of whom just happens to be having a giveaway contest over at Oils for Wellness. The "joy thing" is going on over there... I think I need a hottub full of joy though!

I recently went to a local Consumer Pharmacy to check out their shampoos. The employee who helped me only recommended one product, out of the dozens of different brands. It was a shampoo bar. I took a sample from her and left. I have kids; I prefer to NOT use a bar for shampoo... am I being overly fussy? Maybe. I will try the bar. If I don't like it, I know that I can easily find personal care products elsewhere and I won't have to drive 20 miles, find a sitter, pay for parking and come home empty handed... It's often easier (less time and stress) to just order online.

As usual, Kirkman has the hypoallergenic products that I need. Kirkman also has an informative page about the various additives and ingredients in our personal care products. As usual, I am going to refer you over there. Hey - why should I re-type all the information? They've done all the work - go check it out for yourself and then read your shampoo bottle again, if you haven't already!

Good-bye - Laurel. I never want to see you again in our home!

For wisdom is protection just as money is protection, But the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the lives of its possessors.
~Ecclesiastes 7:12

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  1. Hey, I know that oil lady. :) Young Living has a KidScents shampoo that is SLS-free. Our boys use it every night. I'll have to check out the giveaway. You can never have enough oil. :)