Thursday, April 30, 2009

Somebody's Praying Me Through...

I'm fine - just busy... And I have had unusual patience the last couple of weeks.

Usually, after "episodes", I am pretty kinda whacked-out for a while, depending on the severity of the episode... or I need time to recuperate myself... but - both last week and this week, I've not needed those times. OH! Oh - no, don't get me wrong... Nick is still being Nick, but - it's just not affecting me like it usually does, which is good. Better than good! ((smile))

Yes - I do believe someone is praying for me. And guess what that does to me?

It makes me want to pray for those who need my prayers, and for those who don't. I do have times where I not only want to pray, but - I HAVE TO pray. Just hafta pray sometimes...

If someone comes to your mind today, would you pray for them?

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