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Darn It

Taken from Dr. Mercola... as I was looking for something else. Dang it all...

The Tricky Terrain of Vaccines

No doubt this study will be closely scrutinized and no effort spared to try to dismiss it as its findings are quite significant. If there are neurological effects after just one dose of mercury-containing vaccine, what might the ramifications be when you inject multiple vaccines within a short amount of time?

In the US, most childhood vaccines are now thimerosal-free. Vaccines that still contain mercury include:

  • All DTwP products (Diphtheria, Tetanus & whole cell Pertussis)
  • DT (Diphtheria & Tetanus) multi-dose vials
  • All Tetanus Toxoid vaccines
  • Meningococcal multi-dose vials
  • All multi-dose vials of seasonal- and swine flu vaccine, typically recommended for adults and children over the age of three.

For a list of mercury content in US licensed vaccines, please see this link.

The vaccine-safety community fought long and hard to get thimerosal removed from childhood vaccines, and now, just a few short years later, we’re looking at government recommendations that include multiple injections of mercury-containing flu vaccines year in and year out from early toddlerhood…

We’ve also discovered that thimerosal is not the only dangerous ingredient in vaccines.

Some include highly toxic aluminum-derivatives that may be even worse than mercury, and a number of other adjuvants have been shown to be highly problematic.

Unfortunately, there are so many vaccines, and so many ingredients, and a variety of brands with their own patented and therefore largely secret formulations – it makes for a very tricky terrain.

You also have differences between the vaccines released in Europe, versus those released in the US.

It’s virtually impossible to take into account every single one of these factors when writing on the topic of vaccines, which will naturally be used as ammunition by those who refuse to see the forest for the trees.

I mention that to remind you all to not dismiss the main point off-hand, if you find what appears to be an error or omission here or elsewhere.

That said, I believe it’s clear that these studies, taken as a whole, are like smoke signals, indicating that there are significant health dangers linked to excessive vaccinations, even though science still may have a ways to go to pin down the exact mechanisms for each and every chemical and biological reaction.

Problems with Vaccine Foreign Proteins

I met Dr. Shiv Chopra earlier this month in Washington DC at the International Vaccine Conference and he presented the following additional perspective and concerns regarding the actual injection of the vaccine.

Anyone who understands the basics of biology will know that all vaccines by their very definition are antigens and every antigen by definition must be a foreign protein.

Interestingly you will never find anywhere in nature where foreign proteins are allowed to directly enter your blood stream whole and intact. They are always first digested in your intestinal system and broken down into its constituent amino acids, dipeptides and tripeptides.

Any interference or tempering with these laws of existence, such as injecting foreign proteins, has great potential to bring calamity to your health and cause auto-immune diseases like autism.. This is precisely what may be happening with our massive reliance on vaccine injections.

Neurological Harm from just ONE Dose of Thimerosal-Laced Vaccine

The study above, which was carefully designed and tightly controlled to prevent bias from entering into the assessments, found that primates that received just ONE dose of hepatitis B vaccine containing thimerosal (adjusted for weight to simulate amount given to infants) suffered significant developmental delays.

The vaccinated monkeys took more than twice as long as unexposed controls to acquire three standardized skills typically used to measure infant brain development.

As well-designed as the study is, the authors are still careful and conservative in their conclusions, stating that there are still open questions. For example, they state that:

“Our study design does not enable us to determine whether it is the vaccine per se, the exposure to thimerosal, or a combination of both that is causing the observed effects. “

I’m sure they’re not willing to jump to conclusions about thimerosal, but their statement does not offer any comfort if you’re looking for an indication that the HBV vaccine, with or without thimerosal, is SAFE.

Because if it’s not due to thimerosal but the HBV vaccine itself, then we need to seriously reconsider injecting even thimerosal-free hepatitis vaccines – and possibly reconsider injecting other viral concoctions, with or without thimerosal, as well.

Whichever way you slice it, it’s bad news for the vaccine industry.

Factors that appeared to influence the neurological effects included birth weight and gestational age, which is an indication that vaccinating premature and/or low birth weight infants creates especially high risk.

Interestingly, these results fit like a proverbial hand in glove with other recent statistics from the National Health Information Survey (NHIS), which found that U.S. male neonates vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine had a 3-fold greater risk of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

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