Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More About Green Tea from Dr. Mercola

I need to check one of my new fave teas! I never thought about where the teas came from. Isn't that funny? I check agave nectars and organic local veggies and fresh produce, but - never thought about my tea! Until now.

Make Sure Your Green Tea is Green

Many green teas have been oxidized, which takes away much of the health benefits de­rived from drinking them.

If your green tea is brown, it has likely been oxidized.

What you want is green tea that’s actually green in color. Ideally, you want green tea which contains the entire ground tea leaf. Matcha tea is what I prefer. It is of such high quality it can contain over 100 times the EGCG found in regular brewed green tea!

Matcha tea is a vibrant bright green color. It is of much higher quality than most other green teas, and you can be assured you’re not consuming fluoride or other toxic sub­stances found in lesser quality teas.

Unlike other teas which you steep and strain, matcha tea is a powder made from ground green tea leaves. You add the powder right into the water. You are consuming the whole leaf, which makes matcha tea one of the healthiest green teas available.

My personal choice, Royal Matcha Green Tea, comes from Japan, is USDA certified organic, and is a premium green tea of the very highest quality.

In general, you want to make sure your choice of green tea is:

  • free of fluoride, lead and aluminum
  • vibrant green in color
  • grown in nutrient-rich, clean soil (the majority of green tea is grown in China, Paki­stan and India, where soil conditions can be potentially toxic)
We have a new grocery store in the city, near where I live. I've been there twice, since it opened on Tuesday. Next time I go, I will check out the tea a little more. I have only bought tea at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, assuming they were safe. Well, no - I do NOT assume at Trader Joe's. They are on the line, in my opinion.

More about teas next week and a new vitamin we are trying with Nicolas. It's a love and hate relationship with that vitamin.

Halloween is tomorrow. Not sure yet what we will do... lots of discussions though. Time will tell.

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