Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goin to the Creation Museum

Nicolas is very, very smart and he has an incredible memory. His manners, on the other hand, oh dear! His ability to understand and follow directions... well - that's another story as well.

We ran in to so much of Nicolas last weekend, especially his literal-ness. For example, when I was trying to take his picture, he wasn't looking at me or the camera, so I said, "Hey Nick - look up". Guess what he did? He looked up, towards the sky and heavens. Of course, I didn't think too much of this and he was upset because he didn't understand why I wanted him to look up. What did I want him to see?

My mother traveled with us and she didn't understand Nicolas. That's ok - I know God understands him and if I am patient enough, I usually do too. "I just forgot" when I asked him to look up. There are times that I so wish I had been an English major! My grammar would be so much better and I just know that I would use less slang. Or at least I think I would.

On the way down to Kentucky, we played Rock, Paper - Scissors, whenever we were waiting. It was a good thing to play with the kids. I have quit drinking coffee (25 days ago) and it was really, really hard to go on a road trip without getting coffee at our stops and potty breaks! But - I did it. Hubs quit drinking coffee a couple weeks ago, due to his tummy troubles, and so it helped that he wasn't slurping down java while driving. I didn't have to smell it in the vehicle and in fact, I sniffed essential oils most of the time.

Interestingly enough, we took an alternative route to Kentucky from Wisconsin and it took us almost 2 hours less to get there than it did coming home. Avoid Chicago. We always avoid Chicago whenever we can. Indianapolis is better than Chicago!

We drove through cloudy rain the entire 7 hours there. But - even in the rain, it was 20 degrees warmer, so we didn't care. We got to the hotel and were pleasantly surprised at our large, clean, new bedroom suite. Three queen sized beds and a full kitchen made it good to be able to have food for Nicolas to eat. Oh yeah, the rest of us eat too.

It wasn't an easy trip. Nicolas is not easy, but - he loved the trip... even with all of his complaining. We reviewed cities, states, mileage, gas prices, etc. -- all things that he could easily understand and it did give Hubs a chance to experience what the kids can be like; how frustrating it can be and how to (sometimes) even be able to control the situation. I will need to work more on a few things with the kids before I take them on another little trip. It was work and I am still tired and recovering; but - they learned a lot and I do hope seeds of knowledge have been planted in their hearts. At least a love of science, I also hope.

More on our trip - later this week...

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