Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bakery Trip to the Silly Yak

I should know better than to go to town on a Saturday, especially when there's bitter cold predicted in a few days. (Bitter cold means below zero...brrr...I have been cold since October!) I should know. And, I did know, but - I had a sitter and went anyway. I needed something for my little eating machine to eat and he was getting tired of fruit and veggies all the time. It should have been a blast - right? Shopping without kids! For some odd reason, it left me tired and wanting coffee, of course. I think it was the label reading. L o n g little words on ingredient labels. Geesh, I am going to need bifocals or a stronger prescription soon. (More evidence of my age creeping up and biting me in you-know-where!)

Ok - the bakery...The bakery is called The Silly Yak and features all gluten-free products... and then some. It was the then some that I went there for. Gluten-free and casein-free is what I wanted and found, much to my satisfaction. Not to the delight of my pocketbook though. (Pocketbook? Uh, yeah - I carry a wallet. It just sounds kinda manly, so I guess I use the word pocketbook.)

Anyway, I found much in the frozen section: little loaves of GF-CF bread ($6.50 each), personal-sized pizza crusts and 2 types of muffins: blueberry and raisin/sorghum. As far as freshly baked, there was lemon blueberry muffins for $1.75 each. I got 2 and he ate one last night and the other this morning. Yup - he ate every single crumb! (Imagine those manners!)

They had other packaged items, all gluten-free, but - not dairy free. And definitely not sugar-free. Sugar does bad, bad and I mean BAD things to our youngest son. Nothing less than drooling and arm flapping if he gets enough, which is too much - of it. So, I read the labels - scouting for anything else to add to my basket... and did get some gluten-free oats, which is way cool because I am hoping to try to make some tofu cheesecake this week. The crust recipe calls for oats. Speaking of tofu...I can't even read the word "tofu" without thinking of my oldest son singing "Killer Tofu" by the Beets. He loved the cartoon "Doug", around...oh, maybe 12 years ago. Crazy. Crazy enough to share it with you! (Forgive me...)

Back to the bakery... it smelled great and was bright, clean and organized. All good. The true test will be if boy-o likes the bread. We have yet to taste it - but... tomorrow is almost here.

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