Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marry & Bury

There are times in my life, when I only think of people at "marry them & bury them" situations. You know... either at weddings or at funerals.

Happy occasions and sad occasions.

Today is going to be one those days... doubled.

I have a wedding (VERY HAPPY) and a funeral (sad...), both at the same time. The funeral is over 225 miles away and the wedding is 30 minutes away. Wedding time!

I would not miss this marriage anyway - it's for a dear, longtime wonderful friend. We've been friends since the 5th grade. Can you believe it? And, this is the first-time marriage for both of them. (And the last marriage for both of them too!)

The happy couple is eloping, so to speak -- and only invited 2 guests; I am one. And, I am very happy for them!

This is also a day of new beginnings here. I have never left the kids with Hubs (since going GF-CF) for more than a couple of hours. I wonder how he will do...

Will he stick them in front of the TV, to give Nick some time away in another realm? (Ha-ha...)

Will he be be able to keep up with Nick?

Will the dogs drive him nuts? (They usually hide when I am gone.)

I think things will be fine. Yesterday was not the best of mornings - in fact, it was pretty loud with a lot of emotions and intensity -- on Nick's part. Not mine. I received comfort and warm from my coffee mug. And, survived the day. It was a survival-type of day.

I'd better go paint my face and find my control-top hosiery...

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