Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let's Do Shots

"Let's so some shots, kids!"

Ok, I didn't really say that, but - I thought it.
Healthy shots, of course.

I got out our little "medicine mugs" and filled them with chilled fresh organic carrot juice.

I was so excited to give my children so
me nice fresh enzymes... ((smile))

What's this stuff? Is is for the dogs? Do we have to drink it? Will we turn orange? Can I give it to the puppy? Yuck - I hate it!...the one who needs it the most! UGH!

It's a little bitter...the 3 year old

I like it!...the Hubs

Me? Not now, Mom... the 20 year old

Glad I didn't run out and buy that Champion Juicer that I still think will heal us all. Cure us all and be my answer to everything that is wrong in my life. Which, sadly enough, seems like most everything some days... like last night. Last night I heard this song and just starting feeling like things were wrong. Today, looking back, I don't know why I was so emotional, exactly. I mean things are wrong. My child isn't the same anymore. I don't even remember what "the same" is it "normal"? What's normal? The Hubs and I have never been that, it seems. We've both had our share of recovery; we homeschool and now this... but, this just isn't right! There is something - many things, not right inside my son's body right now. He's imbalanced and I am trying to make it right. Biomedically trying... and starting with food and nutrition.

What if I could fix myself
Maybe then I could get free
I could try to be somebody else
Who’s much better off than me
But I need to remember this
That it’s when I’m at my weakest
I can clearly see

He made the lame walk and the dumb talk
He opened blinded eyes to see
That the sun rises on His time
Yet He knows our deepest desperate need
And the world waits while His heart aches
To realize the dream
I wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus life thru you and me

What if you could see yourself thru another pair of eyes
What if you could hear the truth
Instead of old familiar lies
What if you could feel inside
The power of the hand that made the universe You’d realize

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