Friday, January 9, 2009

Ingredient Labels Need Warnings

Ingredient Labels Need Warnings - warnings about how tired my eyes are from trying to read them, and how tired my brain is from learning new words...that is. I thought I knew ingredients. I was wrong. There is one who is much wiser than I! Her name is Teri. She's awesome and she's the queen of reading labels. Wonder if she likes that title? Label Queen? She's so sweet, she'd accept it. In fact, she recently told me - more than once, I think... that a good way to realize that we may be reacting to something that we just ate is... if we get the hiccups right away, get sleepy, lethargic, angry, hyper, etc. and then, we should take a look at the food labels of what we just consumed.

Here are the 2 main websites I go to when I need to know if something has gluten or dairy in it:
Will I be doing this for the rest of my life? Can we "cure" this? Or, I just hafta wonder if it will be like an alcoholic or addict? They are free and clean, but - will never use again? There's always that danger or possibility there and they would never tempt fate. I dunno.

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