Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Remember being a kid?

Do you remember being a kid? How far back can you go? Can you remember back to when you were 3? I can’t. I can get as far back in my memory as 5, easily. Once in a while, 4… but that’s it.

It’s fuzzy though... Am I recalling memories or recognizing events from seeing them in my photo albums? I dunno. What I do know is this: I always felt safe and secure. I loved it when my dad came home from work. We always had fresh treats, snacks, home-cooked meals and ate together as a family. At bedtime, my dad would give us “horse-back rides” up to our beds. My memories contain both of my parents and lots of family and friends – for as far back as I can remember. Looking back over the last few decades, we see so much change – don’t we? Not just with cell phones, pc’s and technology, but – also in society and in accepted trends as well.

For example: breastfeeding. Not cool to do in the 60’s. Now – everyone does it. Everywhere too. Stay at home moms (SAHM's) – we’re everywhere... and in the 80’s it wasn’t cool at all. At least around here...

And what about safety? Safety is a huge buzzword these days. Teens (often) talk about safe sex, like it’s as common as flossing your teeth. New parents talk about safety features of their baby swings, bouncy seats and toys. Newlyweds talk about dishes being dishwasher safe and microwave safe. I talk about foods being safe for my kids! Is it safe to eat? Is it full of hormones, pesticides, and a million other “–cides”?

Just the fact that we can have so many choices about our personal safety and preferences is incredible. Here in the US, we often have too many choices, making it hard for some of us indecisive people. It seems like we have to research everything before we even consider if we can afford it, whatever “it” may be. And, it all takes time. Time to read consumer reports, ask our friends their opinions and time to run around, haul the kids in and out of stores and then… finally… maybe make a decision! And ya know what else? This is NORMAL for us. Hugh? It’s not normal; it is nuts! We waste so much time on things that amount to very little. And, in general – we are ungrateful and lazy.

Are you still with me?

If you still are, I will switch to speaking in the first person. "I". I am ungrateful, at times. I am lazy. I am spoiled. I waste too much time researching. I – I – I! I have no idea what it is like to live without my freedom of wasting time or being able to waste all the time I have. I am talking about the fact that I am ungrateful, lazy and spoiled – most of the time and that my freedom doesn’t come cheap. Did you know that? Hmmm? Well – didja?

Freedom isn’t free. So, how do I pay for it? I can’t. It’s really a pretty pathetic situation. Disgustingly pathetic, to me. Someone or something else allows me to have the life that I have and I can’t even pay monetarily for it. I think in terms of money, most of the time. Especially since I seem to need it so often!

So, now that I am feeling completely rotten, I’d better come up with some good news...

Good News: there is something that I can do! And, you can do it too.

Together, we can be there for the families of those who are serving to protect our freedoms and we can pray. We can pray.

Yes, I said P-R-A-Y. As in - we can pray for those who are allowing me to have the life that I have. The life of my choosing.

As we know, right now, all over the world, the US has its military. I don’t know what they are doing, specifically. I mean, I don’t know if they are fighting, patrolling, watching, waiting, etc. I don’t know any military terms. I don’t know what wars are going on. And, I don’t know where. But, what I do know is that everyone is somebody’s’ child. Or – sibling or parent, etc.

And I know that it must be hell to have to leave your family. Both for the person who is serving to maintain our freedom, and also for those left behind. I can’t imagine it.

I am divorced. Did you know that? Divorce is hell. What it does to peoples’ lives and to their kids... It’s awful. I did get some wild behavior from “the other man in my life”, when he was 3 – 4. But – more good news is that we got through it! Together. Still, I will never forget that time, because it affected Andrew, not just me.

Now Nicolas is having wild behavior - due to his "imbalance". All he knows is that he would like to be able concentrate on his schoolwork better and have more friends. Sounds a lot like any other kid, except that it all seems (and is) very extreme to him. He has a tough time handling his emotions and as quickly as his fits pop out of nowhere, they - can, sometimes, also just disappear. I like it when they just dissolve, but - I am usually still smoldering from the event, and it rather surprising, to be honest. Sometimes I just stand there... almost in disbelief...thinking to myself "Hey - wait a minute! We just had an outburst and now it's gone? Just like that?"... Yes - just like that. In Nick's mind, it's over and done. Time to move on. I could take a lesson or two on that... just move on.

I recently met a beautiful young woman and her 3-year-old son. She’s not going through a divorce – thank goodness. She is having some behavior issues with her child. Her husband is serving… His daddy is gone. That’s what he knows. Just like my Andrew knew... it’s hard for children to process their feelings and even identify what they are feeling - let alone be able to verbalize it to us. They're only just children, after all. My heart screams out that it’s not fair! And I am justified (in my mind) because it isn't fair. But - then again, who says that life is fair? No one.

The little boy that I speak of is “all boy” – ya know? He’s gorgeous too. It’s one of the many things that make me realize I am “getting older” – seeing other kids and recognizing age appropriate behaviors. But, this little guy... he’s burned in my mind. I can see his little face; clearly God has imprinted him in my heart. He’s hurtin’ for certain. He misses his daddy, for goodness sakes! And, his mom is left to deal with him. I’d like to say I know exactly what they're going through. But – I don’t. I can relate though. And since I can relate, I want to ask you to join me in praying for this little 3- year-old, handsome wondrous child.

His name is Georgie. Isn’t that an adorable name? Fits him perfectly too. He’s a handsome little fella. None of these pictures are of Georgie; but - he's definitely a heart-melter. And he needs our prayers. So does his mother.

Please join me in praying for them… That God would protect their loved one, and bring him back home safe… and that their emotional needs would be met! God works in miraculous ways that we don’t understand and so, let’s believe and ask for divine miracles in little Georgie’s life. And, lots and lots of patience for his mom.

Thanks, on their behalf… and on mine too.

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  1. OK, I did not know you had a blog! Where have I been! Looks like you have so much wisdom to share!!!