Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mexian Night - Yum

As if it wasn't challenging enough - trying to make large meals on a small food budget, now I have the increasingly difficult challenge of making them without wheat or dairy! So, I pre-planned out a nice meal of yummy Mexican food, including some GF-GF corn tortillas, organic salsa, fresh cilantro, black beans and corn. No cheese or sour cream for anyone; we're being respectful around here - remember? Then I saw those convenient little taco seasoning packets. Cool, dinner is gonna be great! Something we all like and can all eat. I'd better just quick take a peek at the label for some red #40. WHAT? Wheat? Wheat is the first ingredient on Taco Bell's taco flavoring... ugh.

Garlic, cumin, salt and pepper will have to do.

Guess we won't be running to the border anytime soon...

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