Friday, February 6, 2009

Dead Battery... Kids Again

Is this a familiar sight?

It is for me.

Kids. My kids.

Whenever they can't find something, they go out to our garage, and look in my van, which is usually in the garage. If a door or light should happen to stay on, it's easy to notice in the dark garage, and I often find the lights on, when I take the dogs out - at the end of the night. But, since I finally (after 10 years of accumulation) got Hubs to start cleaning the basement, the van no longer fits in our garage. (My van area in the garage is now replaced with all his "stuff" and "junk" out there!)

I have had a dead battery more than a dozen times in the last 4 years. I claim the fault as my own. I know that Nicolas obsesses about finding his things and will stop at nothing to find them. It's like the switch in his brain gets stuck and there's little I can do, once he is in that mode.

Come to think of it, other than yesterday, we haven't had much of that the last 6 weeks or so...


It happens the same each time... Upon finding that turning the key in my ignition does nothing, I run back in the house and grab the phone. There's just one man I need!


I still need my dad.

He comes to "jump" my my vehicle and never complains. Just does the "dad duty".

My van started and we were on our way to a time of
mom-fellowship and prayer at church. And, I was blessed to be with other moms, all wanting God's direction in our lives. I am so glad that once again, I triumphed over a dear battery. Well, with the help of my Dad.

Thanks Dad!
Actually, that won't do. My folks do not read blogs... but - they do like treats. I think some cashew brittle from a local bakery would capture my sentiments perfectly. And, no - Nicolas cannot go in to a bakery. Ever. If we can't handle the grocery store, there's no way we can do a bakery, for goodness sakes. ((sigh))

Ending on a positive thought...
Staying out of bakeries is good for my diet!

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  1. Dads are great for jump-starting vehicles. I used to call my dad too when I would get stuck.

    The cashew brittle idea sounds perfect. I've been to that bakery a few too many times this winter. I need to start an exercise program!