Friday, February 13, 2009

I Love Friday the 13th...

I do love Friday the 13th, but - only if it's Friday the 13th of February!

Hubs proposed to me on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day... and - do I remember the year? Nope. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Right?

I do remember where I was working, what I was wearing, what I ordered for dinner, etc.

In fact, I was at work and Hubs, then called Boy Friend -- had flowers delivered to me: one dozen long-stemmed red roses with a white rose in the center and a latex balloon in the middle. They were gorgeous and I was very busy that particular day, working at a weight loss center. Everyone wanted to get in and get weighed-in, before falling off the wagon and into the perpetual chocolate river of compulsive and binge-eating oblivion, the next day. Funny how people, well - we would try to sneak one over on ourselves. Weight-in, eat bad, starve yourself and come weigh-in again without gaining any weight. It worked. But - it wasn't healthy. I remember that I did not eat chocolate for months at a time...back then. Uh's been a while since I had that mentality.

Anyway, I called BF later that day, and his associate asked me if I got "a bang out of anything lately". How odd... why would she say that? I was clueless (as usual, back then...) and just asked to speak to BF. I quickly thanked him and had to go hook clients up to the machine that read body fat, metabolisms, etc. (I don't remember the name of it. Geesh, I don't remember very much tonight...)

When I finished my paperwork for the day and checked my messages, I had 3 from BF. What in the world was he up to? I had a feeling he was going to give me a ring, because he told me he had ordered the center stone and we had looked at settings. We knew we would marry and that our dating days were gone. We were meant for each other... aw...

I was so dense. He finally had to tell me to check out the single white rose. Ok. I did. It was prickery. That was my term for it. It had thorns and the balloon was latex? That was odd and I wondered why it wasn't a mylar heart balloon. Things were getting weird and there were 4 other young women that I worked with, that were all engaged to marry. We all just wanted to get done with work and see our sweethearts. Enough measuring, weighing and reading food diaries! It was a Friday night and love was in the air! But - where was my sweetie? My very odd acting sweetie.

He was on the phone and had to explain to me that I needed to pop that latex balloon with the thorns from the white rose. Hugh? Yeah - right, I grabbed a knife and popped that baby!

There all rolled up was a paper (which I lost!) that said something to the extent of this:

I - BF the Romantic
cordially invite and seek the honor of your presence
- Victorious 1,
to Meet
This Evening
, at 7 pm
at Bla-

It was hand written on a little scroll, very beautiful and romantic...except for one little problem: I had no idea where that address was. I was so dense. I had to call him and ask for directions! Duh... It was at the restaurant where we had our first date, which was a blind date. I got to the restaurant just a few minutes late.

So, I am happy, hungry and go in to find BF. I can't find him. I knew he was in there - I saw his car. Could he be in the bathroom? How odd... It must be because it's Friday the 13th... yeah - that's it. That's why it was such an odd day.

I start to look for the Matrie 'd and an employee suddenly takes me by the arm and leads me to a dark part of the restaurant... eek! What in the world was going on? Where was BF? Where was the short oriental man taking me?

He took me to the dark banquet room and I almost ran out in a hurry... until I saw BF... He was sitting - way in the back corner of that big dark room, all alone at a beautiful table lit with candles. Now here's where I blow it: I walk over to him, to the candle-lit table and I start to laugh hysterically! I couldn't stop! (I knew I should stop laughing...) When I saw his face - his freshly shaved-off-bearded face, I knew he was going to do it. And, he did.

He got down on one knee and... I laughed at him. I couldn't help it!

He went on to say that... just as our pastor had mentioned in his sermon last Sunday, about how God created Eve for man, so that he could be complete, because Adam had been incomplete without Eve... So also had God brought us together and that BF realized that his life had been incomplete without me (laughing at him). Aw... and he slipped that pretty little ring (that no longer fits on my chubby little fingers anymore) on my finger... oh the one karat wonder! It was pretty and we were in love... aw.

And, just in case you think I was being weird or insensitive, guess what he did next, after I said "yes"? He pulled out a disposable camera and started taking a whole bunch of pictures of me! Weird, weird, weird. It was a weird day. It only made me laugh more and I couldn't eat. I just wanted to stare at my engagement ring!

Later on, BF told me that he took the pictures so that he could remember how beautiful I was on the day that he asked me to be his wife. I used to think that this was romantic. Now I just think it was a long time ago and whenever I look at those photos that he took of me... I think that I had a waist line, and Hubs - he used to have a hairline! Ha!! I see smooth young skin, white teeth, long curly hair and even longer fingernails. Wow - I used to be able to see my collarbones and my cheekbones! What happened?

Babies... stress... bad habits... BLA!

All in all, I have fond memories (at least of what I do remember) of Friday the 13th - of February.

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  1. What a sweet love story, and funny too! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. ♥