Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taming the Yeast Beast III

Why are so many kids on the GF-CF diet and the anti-yeast? Well, hang on and keep reading... I will say it again, in a different way...

The history of this diet came from research on schizophrenia, in which these gluten and casein protein fragments were found in the urine of schizophrenic patients. Similar urine profiles were later found in the urine of autistic children. That's something to take notice of - hey? Anyway...

Opioids and autism -- Milk and dairy contain these proteins, called casein and wheat contains a protein called gluten. Inside of both casein and gluten are structures which are difficult for the body to digest completely. The "structures" or "peptides" that remain or are left over after digestion of casein and gluten react at certain sites in the brain called opioid receptors. These sites are so named because these sites are where opiate drugs such as morphine act. The internal chemicals which react at the opioid receptors in the brain are called endorphins. These peptide structures from the diet have several names, one of which is "opioids".

In experimental studies, opiate drugs such as morphine have been found to bind to brain opioid receptors and this binding leads to decreased glucose (sugar) utilization and decreased metabolic rate. In other words, structures which bind to opioid receptors in the brain slow the brain down. As already noted, the one finding that stands up in the brains of autistic children is that the brain is slowed down (metabolically less active) as shown by decreased blood flow, especially in speech areas.

These casein and gluten protein fragments also slow the brain down. This has led to the treatment of excluding casein and gluten from the diet of autistic children. There are many commercial products available to support such treatment.

So, just how good is the gluten-free casein-free diet? The main studies show that children do better. The gf-cf diet is not an anti-yeast diet. The gf-cf diet allows some major yeast offenders such as vinegar, ketchup, malt, pickles, chocolate, peanut butter and corn. Both peanuts and corn are often contaminated with mold. Chicken are fed much cottonseed and cottonseed is contaminated with mold. Grapes and blueberries have skins that are eaten along with the fleshy part of the fruit and are often mold carriers.

So - if a child is taken off gluten and casein but keeps eating foods with vinegar and is put on more chicken, peanut butter and corn, what good will it do?! It seems to me, that whatever benefits there are from removing gluten and casein will be taken away by adding (to the diet) more mold in the form of chicken, peanut butter and corn. Don't even get me started on the chicken thing! Another bloggy topic, for another day.

The intestinal yeast is still in the kids, and in there making toxic chemicals. ((Ugh...)) Kids then will show little improvement and the improvement and behavior will fluctuate with ups and downs - the usual predicable unpredictability, depending on what the kiddo has eaten. Not fair! I work so hard to made food he can eat. I work hard at buying food he can eat. I work hard at being patient and understanding when he whines and complains about all the food that he CAN'T eat... It's not fair. Where have I heard this before?

I just might try the anti-yeast diet... it's been buzzing through my head this week. I didn't just confess this - did I?

The anti yeast diet is especially helpful for anyone suffering from any of these health conditions: Headaches, including migraine; fatigue; chronic ear infection; Fibromyalgia; chemical sensitivity; depression; abdominal pain; bloating, diarrhea; constipation; eczema; psoriasis; rashes; hives; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Crohn's Disease; Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD); Autism; pain or numbness in hands or feet; Multiple Sclerosis; Rheumatoid Arthritis; and many more.

I have the pink conditions...and I eat a lot of salads, with salad dressings - ALL of which have vinegar, which is forbidden on the anti-yeast diet. Don't you think I could do this? Ok - I do have the ability to do it, but - will I?

I found a new book that I want. I am praying it will fall out of the sky and into my lap! It could really help us right now. Funny thing is that the doctor who wrote it, isn't very far from where we live. Isn't that interesting? And Dr. Rimland wrote the forward. THE Dr. Rimland, who founded the ARI (Autism Research Institute)

Ah, I just gotta have it! Mostly wheat and dairy free... it's calling my name. Hubs - if you've ever read this blog, now is the time to take notice (hint-hint).

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