Thursday, February 26, 2009

MMR & MSG - MMMCrazy!

I KNOW that Nicolas changed after his MMR last summer. I know it. I know they said that there wasn’t any mercury in his shots… I know. But – I know that he changed. We all know he changed. He knows he changed.

Taken from "Educating Instead of Medicating"...

Although we have not reviewed all vaccines used on infants, we have found one or two sources of processed free glutamic acid (MSG) in those that we have information on. In discussion with a retired executive of a company that produces vaccines, he suggested to me that all viral vaccines would have free glutamic acid, used to feed the live virus.

The glutamic acid in vaccines are often described as "stabilizers," i.e., ingredients to keep the virus alive. We describe them as a hidden source of processed free glutamic acid (MSG).

An example for you would be the Chickenpox Vaccine by VariVax -- Merck & Co., Inc. (Merck). This vaccine includes "L-monosodium glutamate" and "hydrolyzed gelatin."

Another example would be Merck's M-M-R vaccine. The product insert states that the growth medium for measles and mumps includes "amino acids" and "glutamate." It is also stated that the medium for rubella included "amino acids" and "hydrolyzed gelatin." Finally, it states that the "reconstituted vaccine" for subcutaneous administration includes hydrolyzed gelatin.

We have no way of knowing which amino acids are used in Merck's vaccines, but we do know that the amino acids "glutamic acid," "aspartic acid," and "L-cysteine" are neurotoxic.

We have found that major brands of infant formula, if not all infant formulas, contain some processed free glutamic acid (MSG). The hypoallergenic soy formulas contain very high levels of MSG. See for further detail.

I can't do it to her too!


Apparently, Merck is now only manufacturing the MMR all together, not as separate vaccines. Head over to News Anchor Mom’s blog to find out why and read for yourself about “No More Separated MMR Vaccine”.

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